What is an air injection hose replacement?

It’s recommended that you replace your air injection hose when your air injection hose ceases to properly pump outside air into your car’s exhaust system.
The air injection hose is one piece of a larger air injection system, which as a whole pulls air from outside of your car and makes sure it gets to your car’s exhaust system where it converts CO into CO2. It’s the air injection hose’s job to pump the clean air into the exhaust system. If it ceases to perform this essential function, it needs to be replaced.
Air injection hoses crack over time, given their high usage, which is why it’s important to get them inspected regularly.

How to replace an air injection hose

A mechanic will usually complete the following steps to replace your air injection hose:
  • Thoroughly examine all air injection hoses
  • Identify the malfunctioning (usually cracked) hose
  • Remove and replace the cracked hose
  • Make sure the Air Pump is working properly
  • Inspect all valves and system hoses to confirm they’re in working order
A friendly reminder you can give to your mechanic: if one of the air injection hoses is being replaced, always inspect the air pump, as well.

When do I need to replace my air injection hose?

There are two common clues that you need to replace your air injection hose:
  • Your check engine light turns on
  • Your vehicle fails its latest emissions test
If either of these things has happened recently to your car, you may need an air injection hose replacement and should seek a mechanic’s professional opinion immediately.

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