What is a car AC receiver dryer?

Your car’s air conditioning can be split into two parts: the high pressure side and the low pressure side. The low pressure side keeps your refrigerant in a gas state, while on the high pressure side, it’s a liquid.
As refrigerant circulates through the air conditioning system, the AC receiver drier filters excess moisture and debris. It’s comprised of three parts:
  • Container
  • Desiccant sack
  • Inlet/outlet
The container temporarily holds oil and refrigerant when less of it is needed. The desiccant removes excess moisture and debris from the refrigerant. The inlet/outlet keeps the refrigerant flowing.
If your AC receiver dryer isn’t working properly, a mechanic can fix it for you.

How to replace an AC receiver dryer

Here are some of the steps a mechanic will take when replacing your AC receiver dryer:
  • Remove AC system refrigerant
  • Remove AC receiver dryer
  • Replace AC receiver dryer
  • Vacuum and recharge AC system
  • Test AC system to ensure it’s in good working order

When do I need to replace my car’s AC receiver dryer?

AC receiver dryer failure isn’t exactly common, but when it happens, it’s often due to clogging.
Your mechanic should replace the AC receiver dryer whenever your AC system is worked on, or at least every three years.
You might need to replace your AC receiver dryer if:
  • You hear strange sounds while your AC is on
  • You notice inconsistent temperatures in your car while driving
  • You notice a mold or mildew odor when your AC runs
Even though your car can run without a working air conditioning system, if you do need to replace your AC receiver dryer, it’s not something you should put off for long. Since its job is to filter out excess moisture and debris from the refrigerant, postponing too long could lead to damage to other parts of the system, costing you more in the long run.

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