What is an AC high pressure hose replacement?

Your car’s air conditioning system has a low pressure side and a high pressure side. On the low pressure side, your car’s coolant is a gas, and on the high pressure side, it’s a liquid. The low and high pressure hoses are noticeably different in size, with the high pressure hose being narrower.
If you think your AC high pressure hose may have a crack, leak, or clog, a mechanic can take a look at your air conditioning system and replace it if necessary.

How to replace a car’s AC high pressure hose

Here are some of the steps a mechanic will take to replace a car’s AC high pressure hose:
  • Examine the AC system to identify any faults
  • Remove the AC high pressure hose, if faulty
  • Install a new AC high pressure hose
  • Vacuum AC system, recharge the refrigerant
  • Test AC system to ensure it’s working properly

When do I need to replace my car’s AC high pressure hose?

A car’s air conditioning system is a sealed system, and most experts will tell you that there’s no real need to service or inspect it until it’s not working like it should. When the mechanic opens the system to inspect it, they’ll be able to check the hoses to determine whether they’re part of the problem.
Signs you might have an issue with your AC high pressure hose is if your AC system blows out cool (but not chilled) air, or if your AC system doesn’t cool your car down at all.
A faulty AC system won’t really affect other parts of your car. How soon you should get it serviced mostly depends on how long you can stand the heat.

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