What is an AC condenser fan replacement?

An AC condenser fan replacement is needed when your air conditioning system malfunctions and a mechanic determines that your AC condenser fan is the culprit.
When working properly, an AC condenser converts air conditioning refrigerant into liquid. As this happens, the AC condenser generates heat within the AC system. The primary job of the AC condenser fan is to then remove this heat by blowing air across the condenser.
This, along with several other processes, allows your AC to provide cool air to the cabin.
If the fan loses its ability to blow air across the condenser, it must be replaced (unless you want to drive in a cabin of hot air!). If left untreated, you could face more serious and expensive damages to the air conditioning system.

How to replace an AC condenser fan

A mechanic will usually complete the following steps to replace your AC condenser fan:
  • Measure the AC condenser fan’s pressure
  • Turn the AC system on to see if the condenser fan is capable of turning on
  • Examine the fan’s relay and fuses
  • Remove and replace the malfunctioning fan assembly
  • Test the new fan
The AC system is normally sealed shut and not inspected during routine maintenance, so you will need to flag the issue and take the car in to a mechanic upon noticing a change in the vent temperature.

When do I need to replace my ac condenser fan?

There are two distinct scenarios in which you need to replace your AC condenser fan:
  • Your air conditioning isn’t reaching the cool temperatures you’re used to
  • Your air conditioning has ceased working altogether
In the event you notice a change in your AC’s ability to circulate cool air throughout your car, take your vehicle in for an inspection as soon as possible.

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