What is an ac compressor relay replacement?

An AC compressor relay replacement is a procedure in which a mechanic assesses your AC compressor relay’s ability to control your AC’s electricity supply.
The AC compressor relay turns the refrigerant compressor on and off when necessary, which in turn enables cold air to circulate throughout your car. Without a functional relay, the AC compressor won’t work. This means your car won’t be blowing cold air anytime soon.
The AC compressor relay is not something that is typically inspected during routine maintenance, so you will need to ask your mechanic to perform a special examination.

When do I need to replace my ac compressor relay?

In the event your air conditioning system stops blowing cold air, you may need to replace your AC compressor relay. Any other serious malfunctions in your air conditioning system may also be a result of an AC compressor relay malfunction.

How to replace an ac compressor relay

A mechanic will usually complete the following steps to replace your AC compressor relay:
Remove the defective AC compressor relay Install the new AC compressor relay Test the new AC compressor relay Road test the vehicle to make sure the AC compressor relay is functioning properly
An AC compressor relay replacement may seem straightforward, but it’s best to let an experienced professional handle the procedure.

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