What is a car AC cycling switch?

There are two sides to nearly everything, including your car’s air conditioning system. The AC system has a low pressure side, where the coolant acts as a gas, and a high pressure side, where the coolant acts as a liquid.
Monitoring that pressure is where the AC cycling switch comes in. Each side has its own switch, and if the pressure on either side is off-balance, it will turn off that side of the AC system for safety purposes.
Your mechanic can help you replace your car’s AC cycling switch if it’s stopped working.

How to replace an AC cycling switch

Here are some of the steps a mechanic will take to replace your AC cycling switch:
  • Test the air conditioning system
  • Remove the AC cycling switch, if necessary
  • Install a new AC cycling switch
  • Test the switch to ensure proper operation
  • Test the air conditioning system again

When do I need to replace my AC cycling switch?

Because your car’s air conditioning system is sealed, it’s not common to inspect or service it until it stops working properly.
Problems with the AC cycling switch can mirror a number of different symptoms related to other problems, so it’s best to have a mechanic take a look to get to the root of your air conditioning problem. There are also factors that can cause a working AC cycling switch to unnecessarily activate, like over-or under-charged coolant.
A few signs your AC cycling switch could be faulty include:
  • Your air conditioning system is blowing hot or only kind-of-cold air
  • Your air conditioning system isn’t blowing air at all
  • You can hear an audible clicking noise while your air conditioning is supposed to be running
Since your car’s air conditioning system isn’t necessary for its general operation, how long you can go without repairing your AC cycling switch is mostly a matter of comfort, which can be especially difficult if you live in a hot climate.

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