So you just bought a car. Or you’re looking for better protection before a once-in-a-lifetime road trip. Or maybe you just need to keep your beloved clunker on the road another year.
With help from Jerry, you can find the lowest car insurance premiums available without filling out any paperwork, calling any companies, or spending more than two minutes comparison shopping. Who’s Jerry? Jerry is the car insurance super app you need on your side: a licensed broker and comparison shopping expert that can connect you instantly with quotes from 50+ top insurance companies. 
Once you download the app, Jerry does all the heavy lifting. They’ll search for quotes, recommend the best coverage, and help you compare discounts from different companies. Pick out the policy that works best for you, and Jerry will handle all the paperwork to get you switched over. They’ll even help you cancel your old policy! 
The numbers speak for themselves: Jerry users save an average of $879 a year on car insurance. 
Here’s how much customers paid for their car insurance before and after using Jerry.
Quote DateCarLocationZip CodeNameAgeCarrier
Before Jerry
After Jerry
September 14, 2022Hyundai Elantra SELAtlanta, GA30350Curtis B.36Progressive$83/mo.$71/mo.
September 9, 2022Ford Fusion SELandis, NC28088Tony R.20National General$272/mo.$77/mo.
September 4, 2022Chevrolet Silverado K1500 Classic Crew CabMonticello, MN55362Jim W.23Progressive$102/mo.$93/mo.
September 13, 2022Honda Accord EXWest Palm Beach, FL33415Jeffrey C.25Progressive$185/mo.$114/mo.
September 19, 2022Chevrolet Trax LSSan Antonio, TX78230Willie M.65Progressive$240/mo.$121/mo.
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Car insurance is a contract between a driver and an insurance company that provides financial protection in the event of an accident. A standard auto insurance policy can give you three basic types of protection: 
Every state sets basic minimum requirements for car insurance, meaning that you must buy car insurance to legally drive in your state. But car insurance is an important protection for every driver regardless of the laws in your state—and it’s often a good idea to buy more insurance than the legal minimum.  

Car insurance 101

To insure your car, you’ll pay a monthly or yearly premium. In return for that routine payment, your insurance company agrees to cover the cost of any valid claim that you file, minus a deductible specified in your policy. 
When you sign up for car insurance, you’ll get an insurance card and a declaration page that lists all the essential details of your policy. Be sure to keep your insurance card or other proof of insurance in your vehicle at all times to avoid potentially serious fines and other legal consequences
Ideally, you won’t need to think about your car insurance except when: 
Keep in mind that your car insurance won’t cover all your car-related expenses. While a full-coverage policy (i.e., a policy with comprehensive and collision coverage) will cover repairs associated with accidents, crimes, and severe weather, it won’t cover repairs required by normal wear and tear

Why car insurance costs so much

High premiums often discourage drivers from buying car insurance—in fact, a 2021 study by the Insurance Research Council (IRC) found that 12.6% of US drivers were uninsured in 2019. That means roughly one in eight drivers has no financial protection in the event of a crash
You don’t have to be one of them. Jerry is the #1 rated insurance app and the only super app for car owners. In just 45 seconds, we can save you an average of $887 a year on car insurance—without sacrificing the coverage you need! 
Let’s take a closer look at insurance premiums, what makes them so steep—and what you can do about it with Jerry’s help. 

Why your car insurance depends on where you live

Your address is one of the first things an insurance company looks at when setting your premium.
 If you live in an area with a high crime rate, dense traffic, or frequent natural disasters, providers estimate a higher risk of insurance claims. They’ll set your premium higher to offset their expected costs. 
Good news: Jerry can help you find savings on car insurance no matter where you live—and it only takes 45 seconds! Check out our city-by-city guide for tips on saving money in your area. 
Read more about insurance in your state:
Compare insurance quotes from 50+ carriers with Jerry in under 45 seconds
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4.7/5 App Store Rating. Trusted by 2+ Million Customers.
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Why your car insurance depends on your gender

It’s true: insurance companies can charge men more than women based on their gender
It comes down to stereotypes and statistics—men are perceived as more aggressive and less cautious drivers with a higher rate of accidents, particularly when they’re young. As a result, insurance companies have often raised rates for men. 
However, Jerry’s researchers have discovered that women pay more for car insurance in at least six states.
For nonbinary drivers in states that don’t allow X gender markers, insurance premiums may be influenced by the gender listed on their license. Fortunately, drivers of all genders can find car insurance savings with Jerry—an average of $887 a year! 

Why your car insurance depends on your age

Age is one of the biggest determinants of your car insurance rate. Insurance companies see young drivers as the riskiest group to insure, and they’ll set the highest premiums to cover that risk. 
Teen drivers are especially impacted by their age, since they’re three times more likely to be in an accident than drivers over 20. Premiums begin to drop around age 25, but they could rise again after age 65 to account for the increased risk represented by aging drivers
If you’re a young driver with a high insurance premium, Jerry has your back. Check out the graph below to see how much young drivers saved by using the Jerry app! 
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Why your car insurance depends on your marital status and family size

Statistics show that married drivers are less likely to be in an accident than single drivers. As a result, insurance providers tend to set lower premiums for married drivers, who can also benefit from perks like multi-car discounts
If you’re struggling to find cheap car insurance as a single driver—or if your premium went up as a result of adding more family members to your policy—download the Jerry app for instant help lowering your rate. 

Why your car insurance depends on your credit score

In every state except for California, Hawaii, and Massachusetts, insurance companies can check your credit score before issuing you a policy—and they’ll use it to estimate your level of risk
Studies have shown that drivers with low credit scores are more likely to be involved in serious accidents, so providers view your credit score as an indicator of the money you could cost them. 
Insurance companies have come under fire for using credit scores to discriminate against drivers. Luckily, Jerry can help you find savings on insurance no matter what your credit report looks like. Saving money with Jerry could even free up your finances so you can build your credit

Why your car insurance depends on the car you drive

You’re not the only factor that impacts your insurance premium—your vehicle can also raise (or lower) your rate! 
The two biggest factors that companies consider when looking at your car are its overall value and its safety. More expensive cars tend to carry higher insurance premiums, but vehicles with good safety ratings such as SUVs can often see lower rates because they’re less likely to generate claims. 
No matter what kind of car you drive, Jerry can find you the lowest rate from its 50+ partner companies. Check out our make and model guides to see how your car could affect your premium. 
Your car is one of the single biggest determinants of your insurance premium—and every vehicle comes with a different set of insurance needs. Whether you drive a high-performance sedan, an antique truck, a brand-new minivan, or a used SUV, you’ll need to take your ride into account when you shop for car insurance. 
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Jerry’s got answers to all of your questions about how your car can impact your insurance:
ManufacturerRead Advice
AcuraAcura Manual transmission
Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo Manual transmission
AudiAudi Manual transmission
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BuickBuick Manual transmission
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ChevChev Manual transmission
ChevroletChevrolet Manual transmission
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HondaHonda Manual transmission
HummerHummer Manual transmission
HyundaiHyundai Manual transmission
InfinitiInfiniti Manual transmission
IsuzuIsuzu Manual transmission
JaguarJaguar Manual transmission
JeepJeep Manual transmission
KiaKia Manual transmission
Land RoverLand Rover Manual transmission
LexusLexus Manual transmission
LincolnLincoln Manual transmission
Mercedes BenzMercedes Benz Manual transmission
MaseratiMaserati Manual transmission
MazdaMazda Manual transmission
Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz Manual transmission
MercuryMercury Manual transmission
MiniMini Manual transmission
MitsubishiMitsubishi Manual transmission
NissanNissan Manual transmission
OldsmobileOldsmobile Manual transmission
PlymouthPlymouth Manual transmission
PontiacPontiac Manual transmission
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Why your car insurance depends on your driving history 

Most insurance providers’ risk calculations are based on statistics associated with your demographics, location, and finances. But your driving record is the best concrete indicator of your safety as a driver, and it can play a big role in setting your premium. 
A good record can win you discounts on your premium, but a bad record can result in sky-high rate hikes. That’s why driving carefully and avoiding distractions on the road is so important not just for your safety, but for your finances too! If you do get a ticket, though, don’t panic—just download the Jerry app for help bringing your rate back down. 

How driving laws impact your car insurance

Your insurance premium can rise as a result of any of the following traffic violations: 
If you commit any of these infractions, you won’t just receive fines and points on your license: you’ll also see a spike in your insurance rate from about 18% to 94%. You can also go to jail or have your license revoked for many of these offenses.   
If you are pulled over by the police, always be prepared to show proof of insurance (either using a physical document or by pulling up an insurance card on your phone).  
The good news is that you can still find cheap car insurance with a bad driving record—just download the Jerry app! No matter what your history is, Jerry will generate customized quotes that fit your situation and your budget. 

Finding the right insurance provider and coverage can save you money

Because so many factors go into setting your premium, finding the right car insurance is more complicated than just meeting your legal requirements. 
If you buy the first policy you’re quoted, you could be missing out on essential coverage—or overpaying for the coverage you need.
Let’s take a real-world example. Say you’re a 24-year-old teacher living in Bowling Green, Ohio. You’ve saved up through college to buy your first car, a 2020 Mazda 3 hatchback. When it comes time to buy an insurance policy, you go with Nationwide, since that’s the company your parents have been buying insurance from for years. Ohio only requires liability coverage, and you consider yourself a pretty safe driver, so you stick to the basic liability-only plan for the state average of $1,780 a year, or $148 a month.
You might not think much of that expense—until you get rear-ended at a red light on your way to work one morning. 
Turns out, the driver who hit you was one of the 13% of Ohio drivers without car insurance. Now you’re looking at a $1,000 repair bill to fix your broken tail light and dented bumper, and because you only bought liability coverage, you’re going to have to pay it all out of pocket.
If you’ve ever been in a similar situation, you’re probably feeling the pain right now. But this story has a happy ending: after your accident, you download the Jerry app. 
In just 45 seconds, you’re able to get personalized quotes from 50+ top insurance providers in Ohio. Not only do you find liability-only policies for up to $727 less than you were paying, but you’re able to find a full-coverage policy from Allstate that saves you $220 compared to your old bare-bones policy! Plus, Jerry helped you find a big discount for paying your premium in full rather than installments.
If you feel like your car insurance bill has you hemorrhaging money, or if you’re afraid of the expenses you could take on from an accident, download the Jerry app to find the right provider and the right coverage. 
Where in the United States you live can mean the difference between cheap car insurance and frustratingly high rates. If you’re looking to understand what makes insurance so expensive where you live—and how you can lower your rates—check out our state-by-state guide. 
We’ve got answers to all your questions about state insurance laws and other driving regulations, plus tailored recommendations for buying car insurance in specific US cities!

Things to consider when looking for car insurance providers

When you’re looking for a car insurance company with that perfect fit, keep the following factors in mind: 
  • How accessible is the company? Is their website easy to navigate? Do they have an app? 
  • How is their customer service? If a company is hard to get in touch with, or if your interactions aren’t positive, it’s worth looking elsewhere. 
  • Where is the company located? Big-name national companies can offer great savings, but you might find a better rate with a company based in your area where agents understand the needs of local drivers. 
  • Who is the company’s target market? Some providers, like USAA or The General, cater specifically to the needs of particular groups of drivers (e.g. military members and high-risk drivers). 
  • What are the average annual rates from the company? 
  • How easy do existing customers find the claims process? You can check reviews online to get a sense of other people’s experiences filing an insurance claim with a company. 
Myth: it doesn’t really matter what company you buy a car insurance policy from. 
Fact: your car insurance premium could vary wildly between different companies, so comparison shopping before you buy is crucial. We’ll compare the strengths and weaknesses of 21 top-rated insurance companies and help you estimate where you might find the lowest rates, the best discounts, and the ultimate policy for you.
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Watch out for car insurance fraud

Be aware that submitting an invalid claim is considered insurance fraud. Experts split car insurance fraud into two types: soft fraud, which is when you exaggerate the details of an accident to get a higher payout, and hard fraud, which is when you actually stage or cause a fake accident to get money from the company. 
Always be honest in your communications with your insurance provider, and use Jerry’s tips to look out for insurance scammers trying to take advantage of you. 

When to shop for a new car insurance policy

For most people, the topic of insurance only comes up once per year at renewal time. But even if you already have a great rate, getting quick car insurance quotes every so often can help ensure that you’re not overpaying for your coverage.
So, when should you compare rates and see what else is available?
When you move: You must notify your insurance company of any change of address—and depending on your new zip code, that could mean an increase in your premium. If that’s the case, shop around to see if you can find a better deal.
When your driving record improves: If your driving record has recently improved, chances are you’re eligible for cheaper coverage. This typically happens around three- and five-year anniversaries of moving violations.
When you pay off your car or get a new one: Check with your current insurer, as they might be able to reduce your rate. If not, it’s time to see what else is available.
When you get married: Single people tend to pay more for insurance than those who are married. If you’ve had a change in your marital status, you might qualify for a discounted premium.
When you need to save money: Insurance experts recommend searching for better car insurance every six months—and Jerry can do it for you in seconds! Jerry’s average annual savings of $887 could make a big difference in your financial situation.