Ram Paint Codes

Ram paint codes can be found on the driver’s side door jamb, the firewall, the strut tower, core support, or on the manufacturer’s tag.
Written by Lindsey Hoover
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Ram paint codes are located on the driver’s side door jamb, the firewall, the strut tower, core support, or on the manufacturer’s tag. The model of your vehicle will determine where your code is located. You can also look up your vehicle’s paint code online using your
If you notice a small ding or scratch on your Ram, and you’re looking for a cost-effective way to fix it, an at-home paint touch-up is an answer! The process is relatively straightforward—all you need is your vehicle’s paint code, a few cheap supplies, and a positive attitude.
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Where can I find my Ram’s paint code?

Your Ram’s vehicle model will determine where its paint code is located. If you drive a
Ram 1500
or Ram Chassis Cab, the code should be located on the driver’s side door jamb, the firewall under your hood, the strut tower, or core support
If you drive a
Ram 2500
, the code should be on the manufacturer’s tag. Ram paint codes are either two or three characters in length and contain both numbers and letters. 
Found your paint code? Great! You can use
this chart
to find the exact color match for your Ram. 

What if there’s no paint code on the car’s label?

If you’re having trouble locating your Ram’s paint code, you can use the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to search for it online. A VIN is a 17-character code composed of letters and numbers.
The VIN code on your Ram should be located in the following places:
  • Most Rams have their VIN located under the windshield on the driver’s side. If it’s not there, try looking under the headlights, just on the support bracket of the radiator. 
  • Other common locations for the label include: under the passenger’s feet or on the door frame of the driver’s side.
  • If the label is missing or you can’t locate it, you can find your vehicle’s VIN by checking your insurance card or policy, or your vehicle title and registration.

Where can I get paint for my Ram?

One you have your Ram’s paint code, you’ll want to purchase the correct paint. You can order your paint online using
this website
, or you can visit a local automotive store to see if they can help. 
If you go with the latter, we suggest calling ahead to make sure they have what you’re looking for.

Paint touch-up tips

You’ve got your paint and you’re ready to go! Below are some touch-up tips to get your Ram looking like new again:
  • Clean the damaged area with soap and water.
  • If the area is rusty, coat the area with a rust arrestor to prevent further damage. You can also use sandpaper to wear the rust away.
  • Apply primer to any scratch or ding that penetrates all the way to the metal part of your vehicle. If the scratch or ding is surface-level, primer is not needed. 
  • Paint. Stir your paint well before applying several coats to the damaged area. Allow the final coat to dry for at least 24 hours. 
  • Add a
    good clear coat
    for an extra barrier of protection. Apply several coats, allowing the final coat to dry overnight.
  • After three days, buff the area with a rubbing compound for a glossy finish!
Something to keep in mind: the severity and size of the damage caused to your Ram will determine how much paint you need. Some touch-ups will only require a paint pen or smaller paint pack, rather than a full can.

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The paint code for your Ram is determined by the manufacturer based on the year and model of your vehicle. The code should be located on the driver’s side door jamb, the firewall, the struttower, coresupport, or on the manufacturer’s tag.
Yes! Making small touch-ups to your Ram is relatively easy. You’ll just need your vehicle’s paint code in order to purchase the corresponding paint color. If you’re looking for a full-body paint job, it’s best to take your vehicle to a shop.
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