How to Replace a 2015 Ram 1500’s Power Steering Fluid

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You can swap out the power steering fluid in your 2015 Ram 1500 by either pumping out the old fluid from the reservoir or draining it, then replacing it with fresh Valvoline ATF+4 Full Synthetic power steering fluid.
If steering starts to get challenging or the steering wheel squeaks when you turn it, it's time to change the power steering fluid in your Ram 1500. By lubricating the various parts of the steering system, replacing the power steering fluid will aid in restoring the steering's smoothness and dependability.
If you've never changed the power steering fluid in a Ram before, don't worry—licensed car insurance super app and broker Jerry has put together the following guide that explains everything you need to know about purchasing and replacing the power steering fluid in your 2015 Ram 1500.
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How do I replace my 2015 Ram 1500’s power steering fluid?

Fortunately, changing the power steering fluid in your 2015 Ram 1500 is a relatively easy and simple process—all you need to do is follow these instructions.
  1. Find the power steering reservoir. It should have a black cap and can be found underneath the hood behind the driver’s side headlight.
  2. Remove the cap and insert a pump into the fill hole. You can purchase a pump specially designed for fluid transfer, but a soap pump or turkey baster will do the trick just fine.
  3. Pump the old fluid out of the reservoir. Use a sealable container to catch the fluid you pump out.
  4. Refill the reservoir with new power steering fluid and replace the cap.
Congratulations! You have successfully replaced your 2015 Ram 1500’s power steering fluid! But if you’ve got time to spare and want to be really thorough about changing your power steering fluid, you can opt to add a few extra steps:
  • Disconnect the power steering fluid line.
  • Completely drain the spent power steering fluid. If you wiggle your steering wheel back and forth a few times, you should be able to get every last drop of old fluid out of the reservoir.
In the event that you can’t replace the fluid at home or don’t want to get your hands dirty, you can opt to have a mechanic change your power steering fluid for you. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of doing so.

Should I change it myself or take it to a mechanic?

If you want to be 100% confident that your Ram’s power steering fluid is changed correctly, there’s no harm in going to an auto shop and having a mechanic service your truck. They should be able to complete the procedure in under an hour and will normally charge you somewhere between $100 and $130.
But if you don’t mind the manual labor and want to save yourself a good chunk of change, go ahead and replace the fluid yourself. You’ll still have to pay $15 to $25 for the power steering fluid, but you won’t have to pay for someone else’s labor.
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Which power steering fluid is best for a 2015 Ram 1500?

Although there are many excellent options when it comes to power steering fluid, we recommend Valvoline's ATF+4 full synthetic power steering fluid because it works well with trucks and heavier-duty vehicles.
Here are some of our recommended picks:
Power steering fluidAmountCost
Valvoline ATF+4 Full Synthetic1 quart$12.99
Lubegard Synthetic PSF1 quart$16.49
Prestone American PSF12 ounces$11.99
Pentosin ATF 445 liters$71.99

When do I need to replace my 2015 Ram 1500’s power steering fluid?

Generally speaking, the power steering fluid in your 2015 Ram 1500 needs to be replaced every 50,000 to 100,000 miles. By doing this, you'll make sure that your steering system runs without a hitch and that you can easily turn the wheel.
In some circumstances, however, you might need to change your fluid before you get to this interval. It may be time for a fluid replacement if you start to notice any of the following:
  • Fluid color changes from clear to yellow
  • Steering becomes difficult
  • Fluid begins leaking from the reservoir
  • Bubbles form in the power steering fluid
  • Strange noises can be heard when the steering wheel is turned (squeaking, screeching, etc.)
Remember that using the proper power steering fluid not only makes driving easier, but also lengthens the lifespan of your truck—follow suggested maintenance practices to keep your Ram in top condition for many years to come.

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Yes! If you want to save a little money on labor costs, remove your 2015 Ram 1500’s black reservoir cap, empty the old fluid, and refill the reservoir with fresh power steering fluid.
Generally speaking, you should replace the power steering fluid in your 2015 Ram 1500 every 50,000 to 100,000 miles—however, you might need to do so sooner if you start having trouble steering.

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