Infiniti G35 Power Steering Fluid

You should change your Infiniti G35 power steering fluid every two years or 50,000 miles. Here’s how to do it.
Written by John Davis
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Your Infiniti G35 uses power steering fluid to decrease the effort needed to turn its wheels. Most mechanics and vehicle manufacturers recommend you change your power steering fluid every two years or 50,000 miles. This service can cost over $100 at the dealership, but you can also do it at home for under $10!
As with most vehicles built before the popularization of electric steering systems, the Infiniti G35 uses a hydraulic system to reduce the effort required to turn the wheels. This system uses pressurized fluid to keep your car's steering working correctly. 
If the fluid becomes polluted with dust or the level gets too low, it might become hard to steer your vehicle, and you'll likely notice some moaning noises. 
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What type of power steering fluid does Infiniti G35 use?

The manufacturer recommends using Genuine Nissan Power Steering Fluid in your Infiniti G35. However, finding the manufacturer's preferred fluid is not always possible. 
Don't worry, though. There are several equivalents that you can use, such as:
You can also use automatic transmission fluid (ATF) instead of power steering fluid. While these two fluids aren't precisely the same, they are the same type of hydraulic fluid. 

How to change Infiniti G35 power steering fluid

Not only is changing your own power steering fluid a great DIY project, but it's also an excellent way to save some money. This is especially true, considering all Infiniti G35s are old enough to be out of warranty. 
Fortunately, this is a relatively easy project to complete at home. You will only require the following tools:
  • A syringe or suction device—you can even use a turkey baster
  • New power steering fluid A bottle for the used fluid
  • Pliers to remove hose clamps
  • A rubber cap or something similar
  • A funnel for adding the new fluid
  • Towels to clean the (inevitable) mess
  • A Jack to lift the car (this is optional)
Step 1: Lift the front of the vehicle, so the tires are an inch or two off the ground using your jack. This step only makes things slightly easier, and you can skip it if you don't have a jack.
Step 2: Locate your vehicle's power steering reservoir. It’ll be on the car's passenger side, right behind the washer fluid and coolant reservoirs; it resembles a stubby bottle with a black cap. Remove all the fluid from the reservoir with your suction device.
Step 3: Locate the two hoses attached to the bottom of the reservoir. Using your pliers, slide the clamps back on the return hose (it is usually the thinner hose) and disconnect the hose from the reservoir. Then, place the end of the hose into a bottle—the remaining fluid drains here
Step 4: Use your rubber cap or a piece of cloth to plug the return hose's fitting on the reservoir. This will keep your new fluid from leaking out during the next steps.
Step 5: Using your funnel, fill up the reservoir with new, clean fluid. 
Step 6: Turn your car's engine on and turn the steering wheel "lock to lock" (as far as it will go in both directions) a few times. You will notice more dirty fluid coming out of the return hose. 
Step 7: Keep adding clean fluid to the reservoir until you can see the new fluid coming out of the return hose. 
Step 8: Once you see the clean fluid, you can reconnect the return hose and top off the reservoir to its "fill" line. 
After you've finished these steps, test the vehicle for leaks in your driveway for a few minutes. Then, take a short test drive to ensure that everything is in working order and that the car is turning properly.

What is the power steering fluid change interval for an Infiniti G35? 

Power steering fluid should be changed every two years or 50,000 miles, according to most experts.
In between changes, though, there are a few things to look out for which might signal problems with your power steering system. You might have a leak or fluid contamination if you notice any of the following:
  • A stiff steering wheel that's difficult to turn
  • A groaning noise when you try to turn the wheel, especially when turning it far one way
  • Loose or shaky steering
  • Grimy build-up around your power steering fluid reservoir or hoses—or fluid on the ground beneath your car
  • Black or dark brown fluid in the reservoir
When everything is working properly, the color of your power steering fluid should be dark red, similar to wine. Remember to check your reservoir on a regular basis, especially if you experience any of the issues listed above.

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