Pontiac G8 GT Radio Replacement

Want DIY your Pontiac G8 GT radio replacement? We’ve got you covered with instructions and recommendations.
Written by Katherine Duffy
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
To replace a Pontiac G8 GT radio, you’ll need to remove the faceplate protecting your current radio and unscrew the Phillips screws anchoring it to your dashboard. Then, you’ll be able to replace it with an aftermarket version. 
Even though Pontiac has been out of production for over ten years, the brand still oozes true American car workmanship and performance. The Pontiac G8 GT is a great representation of this. While it’s not a classic, the G8 GT is a high-performing, sporty sedan with a lot of pep. Whether you’re a car enthusiast or not, the G8 GT is a fun car to drive. 
While all this is true, its circa 2008-2009 audio system is lacking, especially for today’s drivers. Thankfully, with help from
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How to change the radio on a Pontiac G8 GT 

If you want to replace the radio on your Pontiac G8 GT, you’re in luck! It’s a pretty straightforward process with easy-to-follow steps you can complete from the comfort of your driveway. You’ll just need a Phillips head screwdriver to complete the job, although having a panel tool may make this job a bit easier. 
Let’s get started! 

1. Remove the faceplate

To start your radio removal process, remove your Pontiac’s faceplate, which is a piece of protective plastic surrounding your radio and its controls. Carefully lift and pull the bottom of the faceplate to remove it. If you’re having trouble, use a panel tool to pry the edges of the faceplate away from the rest of your dash. 

2. Remove the Phillips screws 

When the faceplate is removed, you’ll see four Phillips screws anchoring your current radio in place. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove these screws. Be careful not to lose the screws, as you may need them to install your new radio! 

3. Remove the radio 

Now that your radio is detached from the dashboard, gently pull it out to expose the wiring. You’ll see two major wires—one on the driver’s side, and one on the passenger’s side. Unplug the antenna cable on the driver’s side and the wiring harness on the passenger’s side to completely uninstall your radio. 

4. Install your new radio

Now you’re ready to install your new radio! Follow the new system’s instructions to set the radio up and complete the removal steps in reverse to install your new system. 

The best aftermarket car stereo head units for a Pontiac G8 GT

Since the Pontiac G8 GT was only manufactured from 2008-2009 and Pontiac hasn’t manufactured a car since 2010, you’re going to have a pretty tough time finding a replacement OEM Pontiac radio for your G8 GT. This means that if you want to upgrade your radio, you’ll have to go aftermarket. 
You might be looking for a simple, comprehensive upgrade that brings your Pontiac’s stereo system into the current decade, or you might be on the hunt for the latest-and-greatest aftermarket system with cutting-edge technological features. Whatever you’re looking for, we’re here to simplify your search with these top-rated recommendations. 

Best all-around stereo with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto: Planet Audio 6.75" Touchscreen Display Double DIN Digital Media Receiver  

If you’re looking for a comprehensive stereo upgrade to bring your listening experience into the current decade, the
Planet Audio 6.75" Touchscreen Display Double DIN Digital Media Receiver
is a great option. 
This aftermarket stereo includes Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, multiple USB ports, an extra 320 watts of power across your four front speakers, and a 6.75” touch screen

Best stereo with GPS navigation: Sony 6.95" Touchscreen Display Single DIN Digital Media Receiver 

Do you travel often and rely on your phone’s GPS apps to get to your destination? With the
Sony 6.95" Touchscreen Display Single DIN Digital Media Receiver
, you can plug your destination directly into your stereo system for seamless, hands-free navigation with its built-in Google Maps app. 
You’ll also enjoy Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Sirius XM, a four-channel amp, a 10-band equalizer, and more. 

Best budget stereo replacement: Dual Single DIN Multimedia CD Receiver 

Looking for a big upgrade without shelling out a big chunk of change? The
Dual Single DIN Multimedia CD Receiver
is a great choice for an awesome stereo upgrade on a budget. 
This stereo system includes a CD drive, which often doesn’t come with aftermarket stereo systems, built-in Bluetooth connectivity, steering wheel control compatibility, and an extra 50 watts for each front speaker with seven custom EQ curves to choose from. 

Best stereo with a backup camera: Power Acoustik 6.5" Touchscreen Display Double DIN Digital Media Receiver

You can kill two birds with one stone by investing in the
Power Acoustik 6.5" Touchscreen Display Double DIN Digital Media Receiver
, which features a backup camera to enhance your vehicle’s safety. This aftermarket stereo also includes Apple CarPlay, an extra 50 watts for each front speaker, and multiple USB ports

How to save on Pontiac G8 GT insurance costs

Upgrading your Pontiac G8 GT’s audio system can cost you some serious cash—especially if you upgrade its speaker system along with the stereo. When you add this cost up with car maintenance and insurance premiums, you could be looking at thousands of dollars spent on your Pontiac in a single year!
When you upgrade your car’s sound system, your insurance costs could rise even further. That’s because an aftermarket sound system is a theft risk—and what’s more, it isn’t covered by your regular insurance. Check your insurance policy for
comprehensive coverage
, which will protect your car from losses like theft and vandalism.
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