How to Find Paint Codes in Your Plymouth

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Matt Terzi
Updated on Apr 15, 2022 · 4 min read
Plymouth paint codes can be found under the hood on one of the strut towers or near the middle of the firewall. They’re also shown on a tag in the driver’s side door jamb
Whether you’re restoring classic muscle or breathing new life into the old family
Grand Voyager
that just won’t quit, Plymouth owners will eventually find themselves wanting to do a paint touch-up. 
That’s going to involve finding paint codes for your
, which can sometimes be easier said than done for aging cars made by this now-defunct marquee.
To ensure you get a perfect match to the existing color on your car, you’ll want to find the exact Plymouth paint codes associated with your vehicle. But don’t worry, they’re fairly easy to find, especially with this helpful guide from the
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Where can I find my Plymouth’s paint code?

Plymouth pretty consistently made it easy to find paint codes. You’ll find it on a tag in the driver’s side door jamb, as well as on one of the strut towers under the hood. In the Plymouth Breeze, you’ll find it on the firewall on the driver’s side.
Plymouth’s alphanumeric paint codes usually follow the letters “PNT”, sometimes with a slash (/) in the middle. These codes will vary from year to year. For instance, cherry red was “650” in 1956, but a flame red 1998
has the paint code “R4/PR4”.

What if there’s no paint code on the car’s label?

If you can’t find your Plymouth’s paint codes—it might be entirely impossible in some older cars—you may want to
use this handy reference site
. You can search by the year and model of your Plymouth specifically, then match up the colors by sight using their swatches.
Some paint retailers will ask for your vehicle’s VIN. Of course, VIN numbers didn’t exist until the 1950s, so if you’re restoring an older Plymouth you’ll want to use
this guide
to help identify the engine number, body number, or serial number the retailer can use instead.

Where can I get paint for my Plymouth?

Chrysler shuttered the Plymouth marquee in 2001, making it difficult to find authentic paint for Plymouths. There are a number of retailers online and in some specialty stores where you can find matching paint, but you’ll have to do some digging to find precisely what you’re after. 
Of course, if you’re doing a full classic car restoration, you could always get creative with it! The resources we provided earlier can help you find authentic Plymouth paint codes to choose from.

Paint touch-up tips

Once you find the perfect paint for your classic Plymouth, you’ll be ready to start your touch-up job. Here are a few useful tips to help you along:
  • Simple, superficial scratches can be fixed with a paint pen or paint pack, available at your friendly neighborhood auto parts store and online
  • Thoroughly wash the car panel you’ll be working on
  • Remove any rust using fine sandpaper or a wire brush
  • Apply primer to bare metal and plastic areas. You’ll want to let it dry overnight, then gently sand it down so you have an even surface to work on
  • Paint the areas you’re touching up. You’ll want to apply several coats, giving it 20 minutes between each coat. Give the last layer plenty of time to dry by leaving it alone overnight
  • Apply a clear protective coat the same way you painted the panels. Give it the same time to dry, too, leaving it overnight
  • Buff the areas you painted three days later, applying a rubbing compound so it’s nice and shiny

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Plymouth paint codes are usually found in the driver’s side door jamb, on either of the front strut towers or firewall—usually in the center or on the driver’s side!
Absolutely! Touching up the paint yourself is a straightforward DIY project you can do at home. You’ll just need to find your paint code to match the exact color of your Plymouth. 
Full-body paint jobs are a whole other story though. Those require specialized equipment in a controlled environment. It’s best to leave that to the professionals.

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