How Overinflation Affects Tire Wear

Overinflated tires can lead to tire damage and costly expenses if not addressed. You can check your air pressure with a tire gauge.
Written by Lindsey Hoover
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Overinflating your tires can result in performance issues and can be a major safety hazard. Whether you’ve pumped too much air in your tires by accident or not, overinflation can cause your tires to blow out and negatively affect some of your vehicle’s driver assistant functions. 
To maintain the correct tire pressure, you’ll want to make sure you follow the guidelines outlined in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. The proper amount of pressure will vary by make and model, but regardless of what pressure your tires are at, maintaining proper inflation will benefit you—and your wallet—in the long run.
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, staying informed on the perils of overinflated tires is easy. We’ve compiled everything you need to know, from why proper tire inflation is important to fixing overinflated tires on the go. 
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What happens to overinflated tires?

When a tire is overinflated, it’s more prone to damage because filling your tires with too much air pressure causes their shape to distort and their exterior to tighten. When the shape of your tire distorts, your vehicle's traction capabilities decrease and potholes and debris are more likely to puncture the tight, protruding areas.
When your tires are properly inflated, they evenly distribute the weight of your vehicle across the treads of the tires. If you overinflate your tires, the tread will weardown the middle, causing your vehicle to lose stability and compromise your vehicle's handling and stopping capabilities.

Why proper tire inflation is important

Properly maintaining the air pressure in your tires will not only maximize your tire’s lifespan but will keep you safe on the road and help you
save on car expenses
in the long run. 
Safety features, like your anti-lock braking system, are designed to work in conjunction with your vehicle’s tires. The ABS system is responsible for maintaining contact with the road when you brake. When your tires are overinflated, they bulgealong the center of the tread, which in turn, affects your ability to brake or stop. Additionally, overinflated tires make for a very uncomfortable and noisy ride. 
Tires are also one of the most expensive components to replace on your vehicle—running you anywhere from $525 to $725. And while they are meant to withstand a lot of abuse, there’s a chance you will run into common road hazards, like potholes and road debris. Overinflated tires are stiff and less likely to react correctly when you come across those hazards.
Our advice? Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Doing so can help you avoid paying for costly (and frequent) tire replacements, and could prevent mishaps like unwanted

How to fix overinflated tires

Overinflated tires are big nuisances that any driver would want to avoid. Below we’ve made a step-by-step guide for when your tires are overinflated so you can get back to the road, safe and sound:
  • Locate the valve stem on your tire, then twist off the cap until a metal pin is exposed
  • Use an air pressure gauge to
    check your car's tire pressure
    —this will help you understand how much air pressure to release
  • Push the back end of the air gauge into the metal pin—this will cause air to release. This should be performed in bursts until your tire pressure is at the recommended PSI
  • Once at recommended PSI, screw the cap back onto the valve stem
  • Road test your vehicle for proper operation

Why you need good car insurance

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When it comes to your tires, you’ll want to stick to the recommended tire pressure outlined in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Under-inflated tires can result in performance and safety issues, while over-inflated tires can result in the same, but are more prone to damage than their counterpart.
Different makes and models will have different recommendations for tire pressure. Typically, normal tire pressure is between 32 to 40 PSI. Overinflated tires will show more wear along the center of the tread, which leads to uneven wear—this in turn shortens the life expectancy.
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