Oldsmobile Paint Codes

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Elizabeth Sandberg
Updated on Apr 15, 2022 · 3 min read
The paint code for your Oldsmobile is often placed on the trunk lid. If you can’t find it, you can also use your Oldsmobile’s VIN to look up the paint code online or through the dealership.
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Where can I find my Oldsmobile’s paint code?

Depending on your vehicle model, the paint code for your Oldsmobile can be found on the service parts identification sticker, found in
one of five common locations
—either the spare tire cover, trunk lid, or right side of the trunk wheelhouse, the glove box, or the jack compartment. The sticker for most cars and trucks begins with “BC/CC U” followed by four letters and numbers.
Once you know your paint code, use
this chart
to view the exact color of your Oldsmobile.

What if there’s no paint code on the car’s label?

If you have an older Oldsmobile, your label may be worn or missing. You can use the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to determine your paint code. The VIN is a string of 17 numbers and letters. 
You can find your Oldsmobile’s VIN in a number of ways:
  • Many cars have a sticker or plate with the VIN on the driver’s side. It is usually located on the door jamb, or on the dash (visible through the windshield). Some cars may have it under the hood or on the steering column.
  • If your sticker is missing or you’re having trouble reading it, the VIN will be listed on your car title and registration.
You may be able to call a GM dealership with your VIN and they can tell you the paint code. Alternatively, you can
put in your year and model here
to find Oldsmobile’s most common paint colors. 

Where can I get paint for my Oldsmobile?

Now that you have the paint code, it’s time to purchase your paint! Because Oldsmobile has been discontinued, you will most likely need to order your paint online. Your paint code ensures you’ll get the correct paint no matter where you make your purchase. 
Keep in mind that if the area for repair is on the smaller side, you may be able to get away with buying a paint pen or small paint bottle instead of a full-size can. 

Paint touch-up tips

Once you receive your paint, it’s time to make those paint scratches vanish! Here are some tips to make this as easy as possible:
  • Test the paint in an inconspicuous area of your vehicle to make sure it’s a good match. Once you know it matches your car’s paint color, then you can start the touchup. 
  • Use soap and water to clean the damaged area and dry with a clean lint-free cloth.
  • Remove rust. Use fine sandpaper or a wire brush to gently remove it. Take care not to damage any surrounding paint.
  • First, apply primer to the area you want to paint. Let it dry overnight. Once it is dry, sand over it to smooth the surface.
  • Use a fine-tipped brush to paint the area. You’ll need to apply two or three coats. Wait 20 minutes between applications. Allow the final coat to dry overnight.
  • The next day, add a clear coat to protect the same way you applied the paint. Apply multiple coats, and wait at least 20 minutes between applications.
  • Give it three days, then buff the repair using a rubbing compound to bring out the shine!

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You can locate the paint code on your
car’s label
(usually on the driver’s side door jamb, under the hood, or the lid of the trunk), by looking it up online by model, or sometimes by using the VIN for your Oldsmobile.
Absolutely! Paint touch-ups are one of the easier DIY projects you can perform on your car. You just need the paint code for the matching color for your car to ensure the touch-up isn’t noticeable. However, if the repair is needed on a larger area, you should probably look for a reputable professional to do the job.

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