How Does Nissan Roadside Assistance Work?

Nissan provides free roadside assistance to models from 2016 and on, as long as the model has a valid limited warranty.
Written by Katherine Duffy
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Nissan offers free 24/7 emergency roadside assistance to models from years 2016 or newer with a valid limited warranty. 
If you’ve ever been stranded on the side of the road because your car has broken down, you know how convenient it can be to have emergency roadside assistance. It can save you from the headache of phone calls, expensive towing fees, and long wait times. 
Thankfully, many car manufacturers, such as Nissan, offer free roadside assistance to their customers to help mitigate the stress and cost of a roadside breakdown. 
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How does Nissan Roadside Assistance work? 

Nissan Roadside Assistance is available to owners of a 2016 or newer Nissan vehicle 24/7/365 for the first 36 months or 36,000 miles—whichever comes first. Nissan Roadside Assistance is available in the U.S. and Canada and offers basic yet incredibly helpful services if you’re stranded roadside. 
Here are the services Nissan Roadside Assistance includes: 
  • Flat tire
  • Dead battery
  • Accident/collision 
  • Emergency fuel delivery
  • Vehicle lock-out service
  • Mechanical breakdown
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How to use Nissan Roadside Assistance 

Using Nissan Roadside Assistance is easy and convenient. To contact Nissan for assistance, you can call (800) 225-2476 or request service online via Nissan’s
online roadside assistance request portal.
If you’re contacting Nissan to request roadside assistance because you’ve been in an accident or collision, you should call 911 immediately to get any required medical help and support from law enforcement. 
You should also document any damage your car suffered from the accident or collision to provide with your insurance claim, so your provider can accurately assess it. Take notes and photos if you can. 

What if my Nissan warranty expired? 

If your Nissan’s warranty has expired, you can still get roadside assistance from Nissan, but you’ll have to pay annually. Nissan offers a few different extended warranty
Vehicle Service Contracts
, which provide more extensive services than their complimentary roadside assistance program. 
Here are the services you can benefit from with Nissan’s Vehicle Service Contract: 
  • All repairs and services are completed by factory-trained technicians using Nissan parts 
  • Three plans are available, covering 800 to over 2,000 components
  • 24-hour Roadside Assistance, car rental, and towing
  • Trip interruption benefits
  • 0% consumer financing for up to 24 months
Nissan doesn’t list its annual premiums for these plans, as the cost depends on how old your car is, what kind of insurance you have, and what coverage level you select. 
You can access roadside assistance included with this service by the same contact methods for Nissan’s complimentary roadside assistance service: call (800) 225-2476 or request service online via Nissan’s
online roadside assistance request portal.
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Is Nissan Roadside Assistance worth it? 

Nissan Roadside Assistance is certainly worth it if you have a valid warranty on a Nissan from 2016 or newer, but if your warranty has expired, this service might not be worth the extra costs. 
While the promise of roadside assistance access 24/7, repair coverage, and trip interruption benefits may seem like it’s worth the cost, the annual premium could severely outweigh the benefits. You should think seriously about how likely you are to use these services. Nissan doesn’t have a universal flat rate for their Vehicle Service Contracts program, so you could end up paying more than you should. 
Plus, there are many affordable alternatives to paying an annual premium for emergency roadside assistance! 

Alternatives to Nissan Roadside Assistance

If your warranty is expired and you’d rather not sign up for one of Nissan’s Vehicle Service Contracts, there are alternative roadside assistance options for your Nissan. Here are a few options to consider: 
  • Cell phone companies (about $5 a month): Typically added to your monthly bill—but not available from all providers
  • Towing and labor coverage
    (under $20 a year): An affordable way to get roadside assistance from most insurers—but you may need to carry
If you’re already carrying
full coverage insurance
, buying roadside assistance coverage through your insurance company might be the most cost-effective option

How to save money on Nissan insurance 

Nissan’s Roadside Assistance service can help you get out of a roadside emergency quickly, but you’ll still need adequate insurance coverage from a trusted provider to be fully prepared when you head out on the road. 
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Nissan will only tow your car to the closest Nissan dealership, so if you use the Nissan Roadside Assistance program, be prepared to pay dealership-level repair costs.
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