Nissan Lug Pattern Guide

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Nissans have a wide variety of lug patterns ranging from 4x3.94" to  6x5.50". If you’re going to switch out your rims, you must know the lug pattern for your specific model of Nissan
If your Nissan’s rims are cracked or scratched—or if you’re just trying to trade them out for a different wheel size—you’ll need to know the lug pattern before you can proceed. 
To help you out, Jerry—the car insurance comparison super app—has put together this quick guide to Nissan lug patterns. 

Why you should know your Nissan’s lug pattern

Basically, a lug pattern is a size measurement for wheels—just like a shoe size. You’ll need to know the right lug pattern to purchase new rims that will fit. 
Specifically, a car’s lug pattern (also called a “bolt pattern”) denotes how many lugs (or “bolts”) are used to attach the rim. It also tells you what pattern they are arranged in. All bolts are arranged in a circular pattern, and the lug pattern tells you the diameter of that circle
So, lug patterns are comprised of two numbers. The first number is how many lugs there are, and the second number tells you the diameter of the circle they’re arranged in. 
For example, a lug pattern might be something like 5x4.5—that would mean that the wheel is held on my five bolts arranged in a circle with a 4.5-inch diameter. 
Once you know your Nissan’s lug pattern, you’ll be able to pick out new rims that will fit it perfectly!  

Nissan lug pattern guide

As has been mentioned, Nissans have a wide variety of wheel sizes and lug patterns. To help you figure out which pattern your model has, we’ve compiled details of the wheel measurements for several of Nissan’s most common models. The table below will tell you their wheel size, lug pattern, offset, stud size, and hub/center bore measurements.
ModelOEM wheel sizeLug pattern (inches)OffsetStud sizeHub/center bore
1999 Nissan Sentra13"-18"4x3.94"H12x1.566.1
2000-2011 Nissan Sentra14"-20"4x4.50"H12x1.566.1
2012-2021 Nissan Sentra15"-20"5x4.50"H12x1.2566.1
1999-2001 Nissan Altima15"-16"4x4.50"H12x1.2566.1
2002-2021 Nissan Altima16"-19"5x4.50"H12x1.2566.1
2007-2011 Nissan Versa15"-16"4x4.50"H12x1.2566.1
2012-2018 Nissan Versa15"-16"4x3.94"H12x1.2559.1
2019-2021 Nissan Versa15"-17"4x3.94"H12x1.2560.1
2008-2021 Nissan Rogue16"-22"5x4.50"H12x1.2566.1
1999-2021 Nissan Maxima15"-19"5x4.50"H12x1.2566.1
2003-2021 Nissan Murano18"-20"5x4.50"H12x1.2566.1
2011-2021 Nissan Leaf15"-18"5x4.50"--12x1.2566.1
2009-2021 Nissan GT-R20"5x4.50"H12x1.2566.1
1999-2004 Nissan Pathfinder15"-22"6x5.50"M12x1.2566.1
2005-2011 Nissan Pathfinder16"-24"6x4.50"M12x1.2566.1
2012-2020 Nissan Pathfinder17"-22"5x4.50"H12x1.2566.1
2022 Nissan Pathfinder18"-20"5x4.50"H12x1.566.1
1999-2004 Nissan Frontier14"-18"6x5.50"M12x1.25100.5
2005-2021 Nissan Frontier15"-24"6x4.50"M12x1.2566.1
2004-2018 Nissan Armada17"-22"6x5.50"M12x1.2577.8
2019-2021 Nissan Armada18"-22"6x5.50"M14x1.577.8
2004-2021 Nissan Titan17"-24"6x5.50"M12x1.2577.8
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Lug pattern terminology 101

If this is your first time dealing with lug patterns, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed. There’s a lot of information to absorb and a lot of important terminology. To make things simpler for you, the most key terms are defined below. 
OEM wheel size: The diameter of your Nissan’s original wheels made by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). 
Lug pattern: This is also called the “bolt pattern” and it describes the number and arrangement of your wheel’s lugs. This will help you find the right wheel for your Nissan. 
Offset: A positive or negative number that indicates the distance from the mounting surface to the center of the rim. A positive offset means that the wheels are beveled inward, while a negative offset meanest that they stick out. 
Stud size: A two-number figure that indicates the diameter and threads-per-inch of the studs. For instance, a 1/2x20 stud size would mean that the studs have a ½-inch diameter and twenty threads per inch.  
Center bore: The opening at the center of the wheel. This can vary in size, so it’s important you know the right number. 

How to measure your Nissan’s lug pattern

If your Nissan isn’t on the table above, you can always measure the lug pattern yourself. It’s very easy—once you know how to do it. All you’ll need is a standard measuring tape
First, count the number of bolts—that will give you the first number. 
Next, simply measure the distance from the center of the wheel to the outside edge of one of the lugs. Then multiply that number by two—that will give you the diameter. 
So, for example, if you count five lugs and measure the diameter to be 4.5 inches, then your lug pattern is 5x4.5. And that’s it—fast and easy! 

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No! A 5x114.3 lug pattern describes a rim with 5 bolts and a 114.3mm diameter. While a 5x5 lug pattern describes a rim with 5 bolts and a 5-inch diameter—which converter into metric would be 127mm. So, they are not equivalent.

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