How to Replace Lexus Tail Lights

Lexus tail lights can be replaced at home in 20 minutes or less.
Written by Lindsey Hoover
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Replacing a Lexus tail light costs about $50 to $400. The price will vary based on the model you drive and whether or not the replacement is performed by you or a professional mechanic.
Tail lights are a safety feature that alerts other drivers of your presence on the road. If your tail light burns out or shatters, you could face an accident or an unwanted ticket. So whether you drive a Lexus IS250,
, or
ES sedan
, you’ll want to make sure you replace the tail lights at the first sign of malfunction. 
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How to replace a Lexus tail light

Cost: $50 to $400
Time: 10 to 20 minutes
Tools needed: Large and small flat head screwdriver, 10mm socket and ratchet, replacement parts 
Difficulty: Easy
The first thing you’ll want to do when replacing your Lexus tail lights is to determine the location and cause of the problem
If you had a fender bender, determining the cause of a faulty tail light will be quite easy. But if you were pulled over by law enforcement for driving with a burnt bulb, the cause will be harder to assess. If you experience a situation like the latter, you may have to troubleshoot the problem
If you’re not sure what caused your tail lights to go out, not to worry. You can visit a professional mechanic. They’ll be able to inspect and diagnose any issues you’re having with your Lexus tail lights. 
After you’ve determined the location and cause of your broken tail light, you should be able to identify which part needs replacing
Your vehicle’s owner’s manual will have the part’s ID number, which you’ll need when purchasing a replacement. Make sure the part you order corresponds to your Lexus model, model year,
trim level
, and engine type
The last thing you’ll want to do before you begin replacing your Lexus tail lights is gather your screwdrivers (this will vary depending on the model and model year) and any safety gear you feel is necessary, like gloves and goggles. 
Once you’re ready to go, follow this step-by-step guide:
  • Turn off your vehicle and disconnect the battery. Doing this will help prevent electrical mishaps or electrocution.  
  • Open the trunk. This will allow you to access the trim paneling on your vehicle.
  • Remove trim lining. Using the small flat head screwdriver, pop out the plastic rivets holding your vehicle’s trim liners in place.
  • Remove tail light from the assembly. You can do this by pinching the connector and pulling out the bulbs of each tail light.
  • Remove the tail light assembly. Using your 10mm socket and ratchet, remove the three bolts keeping the assembly in place, then push on the three stems the bolts were screwed to. From there, you should be able to pull the assembly out.
  • Replace the tail light harness. Slide the small flat screwdriver into the gap to release the connector tab. Once you pop the tab out, pull the harness out and replace it with a new one.
  • Insert new assembly.Insert the new assembly into your Lexus, reinsert the bulbs into the new assembly, and bolt the 10mm screws back into place. Then, reattach the trim lining.
Once you’ve completed replacing the tail light on one side of your Lexus, move to the next! You can use the same step-by-step guide to complete the process. 
Most Lexus models, especially those made in the last five years, have LED bulbs. If this is the case with your vehicle, you’ll need to replace the whole tail light, not just the bulbs. You can use the same guide as above, but the type of screwdriver and sockets may be different.
Key Takeaway Replacing your Lexus tail lights is simple and easy. Before you start, make sure you have the right tools and replacement parts for your vehicle. 

Commons reasons for Lexus tail light malfunctions

When it comes to a broken tail light, the cause can sometimes be difficult to determine. Below are some less obvious reasons (than, say a fender bender) why you may be experiencing tail light issues: 
  • Defective fuse: Every vehicle comes equipped with a fuse box that controls the electrical components across it. If your tail lights have gone out, you can check the fuse box to see if that's causing the issue. Reference your vehicle’s owner manual for details on the box’s location.
  • Broken bulb: Bulbs are prone to burn out after prolonged use. If you think a bulb has burned out, remove the tail light cover to determine if the bulb needs replacing.
  • Corroded sockets: Moisture can enter your tail light sockets and cause corrosion. Assess the socket by looking for discoloration. Blue, brown, or white is an indication of damage.  
  • Faulty control switch:A faulty control light is a common issue of tail light malfunction in Land Rovers. Make sure to check this component of your vehicle when trying to diagnose the issue.

Does car insurance cover broken tail lights? 

Some car insurance plans cover broken tail lights but performing the repair yourself could save you money in the long run.
Depending on what your insurance policy includes, you could have coverage for a damaged Lexus tail light. If you have
collision coverage
, it will pay for any associated repair costs caused by your vehicle colliding with another vehicle or a stationary object. If you have
comprehensive coverage
, it will cover damages to your tail light caused by things like vandalism or natural disasters. 
One thing to keep in mind: insurance providers require that you
pay your deductible
before a service is performed. While this could save you some money, replacing your tail lights is relatively inexpensive (especially if you perform the job yourself).
Lexus tail light replacements costs vary depending on which model you drive. The average cost to replace 2007
Lexus IS250
tail lights is $320, while the average cost for replacing
Lexus IS300
tail lights is $260. The average car insurance deductible is about $500, which means you’ll end up saving money (and time) if you replace the light yourself. 
When you submit a claim for a broken tail light, you could face a potential rate hike. For this reason, it might be best to forgo filing a claim with your insurance and pay for the replacement out of pocket instead.

How to find affordable Lexus insurance

Lexus drivers can expect to pay an average of $1,764 a year for
car insurance
. This will vary depending on factors like your vehicle’s model and year, as well as your driving record, age, and more.
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Replacing your Lexus tail light will cost you about $50 to $400. The price will differ depending on the model you drive and whether or not you perform the replacement yourself. Hiring a professional mechanic will increase the price.
Yes! Replacing your Lexus tail lights yourself is a relatively easy task. We suggest referencing your vehicle’s owner manual to make sure you have the correct replacement part for your model.
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