Lexus ES 350 Oil Change

A Lexus ES 350 generally needs its oil changed every 7,500-10,000 miles or 5,000 miles for conventional oil.
Written by Shannon Fitzgerald
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Your Lexus ES 350 will need its oil changed approximately every 7,500 to 10,000 miles for synthetic oil and every 5,000 miles for conventional oil. Lexus generally recommends using either SAE 0W-20 or 5W-30 viscosity. 
Healthy oil keeps your engine properly lubricated, which regulates temperature and improves fuel efficiency. It’s therefore essential that you maintain a regular oil change routine to prevent costly damage to your engine and its components. 
Fortunately, changing your engine’s oil is a straightforward process. Here
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How often does a Lexus ES 350 need an oil change? 

It’s recommended to change a Lexus ES 350’s oil every 7,500 to 10,000 miles for synthetic blends and every 5,000 miles for conventional blends. 
If you wait longer than these thresholds, you will risk damaging your engine.
Scheduling routine maintenance
can help ensure that you’re changing your oil as frequently as you should be. 

What kind of oil does a Lexus ES 350 need? 

Lexus recommends that ES 350 models use either 0W-20 or 5W-30 multigrade synthetic blends to maintain its V6 engine. Check with your owner’s manual to determine which type is appropriate for your specific vehicle. 
Each of these oils ranges in viscosity to adapt to changing outdoor temperatures. The thinner winter (W) viscosity ensures that the oil runs freely in freezing temperatures while the thicker viscosity helps prevent excessive thinning in extreme heat. 
It’s important to make sure you’re using the right viscosity so that you don’t void your warranty or risk damaging your engine

How much does an oil change cost for a Lexus ES 350? 

cost of an oil change
will depend on whether you have your Lexus professionally serviced or perform the oil change yourself. 

Professional cost 

For 2007-2021 model years, the estimated cost of a professional oil change for a Lexus ES 350 ranges between $159 and $174. This price calculates an estimated labor charge between $60 and $76 with the oil and oil filter pricing around $98
Your total cost will ultimately be determined by your specific model year and location.

DIY cost

It’s usually cheaper to just change your oil yourself. Typically, a quart of 0W-20 or 5W-30 synthetic oil costs between $4 and $12 while five quarts costs between $10 and $40

How to change the oil in a Lexus ES 350 yourself 

What you’ll need 

  • 7 quarts of OW-20 or 5W-30 synthetic oil—check your manual to determine which one
  • Oil filter (part #04152-YZZA1)
  • 65 mm oil filter wrench 
  • 14mm wrench
  • 3/8 in. socket drive wrench
  • Funnel
  • Drain pan 
  • Jack and jack stands, or ramp and blocks 
  • Towels or rags 
  • Gloves and eye protection 

1. Warm your engine

Run your engine for about five minutes to heat the oil. This will make it thinner, which helps get the old oil out more efficiently. 

2. Prepare your vehicle 

Elevate your car using a jack and jack stand. You can also drive up onto a ramp—remember to put your emergency brake on and place blocks behind your back tires once you’re positioned. 

2. Drain the oil pan 

Open your oil fill cap to release pressure. Then with a drain pan underneath, loosen the drain plug under your car with the 14mm wrench. Allow the oil to drain completely. Replace the drain plug and carefully tighten it by hand, then with the 14mm wrench. 

3. Drain the oil filter

Place a drain pan under the oil filter. With the 3/8 in. socket drive wrench, remove the drain cap on the bottom of the filter. Plug the drain tube from your filter kit into the bottom of the filter and allow the oil to drain into the pan. 

4. Install the new oil filter 

Once the oil stops draining, remove the drain tube and use the 65 mm oil filter wrench to remove the filter’s housing. Remove and replace the O-ring or gasketapply a thin layer of new oil to the ring before you reinstall it. Remove and replace the smaller O-ring on the bottom of the filter’s housing in the same manner. Clean the cap before replacing it. 
Insert the new filter into the housing and put the housing back in position. Turn it counterclockwise until the grooves connect then tighten clockwise by hand before finishing with the wrench.

5. Replace the oil 

Under your hood, place a funnel in the engine fill cap’s opening. Pour the specified amount of either 0W-20 or 5W-20 synthetic oil into your engine—check your user’s manual for the necessary amount. Put the oil cap back on once you’ve finished. 

6. Inspect your vehicle

Take your car off the jack stand or ramp. Turn on your engine and let the oil get up to temperature—usually around five minutes—before turning it off again. 
Check underneath the car for any leaks. Then use the oil dipstick to ensure the oil is at the right level. It should come up to the marked fill line—if it doesn’t, pour more oil and check again as needed.

7. Reset your maintenance light 

Turn the ignition on and press the “odometer/trip” button until the display shows “ODO” or “Trip A” depending on the model year. Turn the ignition off. Press and hold the “Trip Meter Reset” button while turning the ignition back on. Keep holding the “Trip Meter Reset” button until the maintenance light blinks and turns off. Restart the car to ensure the light remains off. 

What happens if you don’t change the oil on a Lexus ES 350? 

Engine oil is responsible for lubricating the components of the engine and preventing a build up of sludge and debris. This prevents damage like corrosion and engine knock, disperses the engine’s heat, and improves fuel efficiency. 
Waiting too long for your Lexus ES 350 oil change can result in the following: 
  • Decreased fuel efficiency
  • Overheating
  • Engine corrosion and oxidation
  • Engine failure 
Maintaining routine oil changes prevents this damage and helps you avoid paying costly repair fees in the future.

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