2012 Jeep Compass Radio Replacement

Want to DIY your 2012 Jeep Compass radio replacement? We’ve got you covered with instructions and recommendations.
Written by Bonnie Stinson
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
To replace a 2012 Jeep Compass radio, you can start by removing the plastic trim on the dashboard. Then, you’ll need to unscrew and disconnect the old radio before replacing it with an aftermarket product. 
Jeeps are undeniably epic. They’re sort of like the Captain Americas of the car world. But the stock audio system on a Jeep is not usually considered one of its best qualities. That’s why so many people choose to upgrade with a Jeep Compass radio replacement. Of course, perhaps your Jeep Compass radio is not working and you just need something simple. Either way, we’ve got you covered. 
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How to change the radio on a 2012 Jeep Compass 

Ready to change out your radio? First, get your hands on a plastic trim stick and a flat-blade screwdriver
Start by removing the radio panel cover on your 2012 Jeep Compass. Work slowly to avoid cracking the plastic trim. Now, use your screwdriver to unscrew the four screws holding the radio in place. Then, disconnect all connectors behind the radio.
Remove the radio and install the aftermarket stereo you’ve picked out. That’s it! 
If you need a more detailed breakdown, keep reading. 

1. Remove the window control switch

On the dash panel, you have to start by removing the window control switch as well as the panel under the steering wheel. These should be 7 mm parts. 

2. Remove the plastic dash paneling around the radio

Now, use your flat-blade screwdriver to gently release the plastic paneling that is trapping the radio. Work it beneath the edge and remove the panel completely. 

3. Release the bolts securing the radio

Your radio should be held in place with four 7 mm bolts. Release these and the radio should be ready to remove. Remember to disconnect the cables at the back before pulling out the old radio.
Congrats, you did it! When you’re ready to install the new radio, just reverse the steps. Connect the cables, secure the bolts, replace the paneling, vents, and window control switch, and you’re good to go. 
Some aftermarket sound systems require additional modifications. Check the product description to find out more. If you need more help, bring your Jeep to a specialist for assistance.

The best aftermarket car stereo head units for a 2012 Jeep Compass

You’ve got a ton of options when it comes to aftermarket stereos. You can opt for a simple, straightforward replacement with basic features. You could also indulge in an improved system, with an antenna adapter or GPS. Either way, aftermarket is the best place to find the perfect stereo for your Jeep. 
Whether you’re looking for an attractive FM radio unit or a souped-up multimedia unit with plenty of additional connections, here are top-rated options for your Jeep Compass:

Best stereo for road trips, with video and five-device pairing: Kenwood DDX26BT 

If you want a sleek touchscreen with excellent sound, wired connections for iPhone and Android, and wireless Bluetooth, then the
Kenwood DDX26BT
is a great choice for your Jeep Compass. The screen is 6.2 inches, with enough space to clearly display information without overly dominating. 
You can pair two phones to the Kenwood via Bluetooth, which your passengers will enjoy. Even better, the Music Mix option allows five devices to pair. Best of all, the Kenwood has video options that you can use for either onscreen parking assistance via a backup camera or pure entertainment on your next road trip.

Best stereo for playing digital music: Alpine UTE-73BT 

Although the
Alpine UTE-73BT
cannot accommodate CDs, it’s a great choice for drivers who keep a stash of digital music or podcasts on their smartphones. The receiver works with both iPhone and Android, with a special built-in Pandora control to skip around or browse channels. Wireless Bluetooth makes it easy to enjoy your preferred audio with minimal hassle. A USB port on the front makes it super easy to switch between sources. 
If you’re a snob for quality, you’ll be delighted by the Alpine’s three sets of 2-bolt preamp outputs. It’s even compatible with most factory steering wheel audio controls, although some tweaking is required to make it work.

Best for drivers who want it all: JVC KW-V960BW

Cameras, BlueTooth, customizable sound, DVD, and screen mirroring are just several of the valuable features of the
. Let’s start with the ability to retain voice control of your smartphone when you pair it with the JVC. It accommodates both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Access your texts, your music, and other content by just using your voice. You can mirror your smartphone’s screen to the JVC display with a few taps, too. 
There’s even a dual-zone capability so you can send a video to the rear-seat screen while playing music in the front seat. You can pair up to five phones via the Streaming DJ feature, so every passenger gets a chance to hear their favorite song. The signal is super clean if you’d like to add amplifiers. This is a costly option, but it just goes to show what money can buy if you’re willing to splash out.

Best stereo for those who can’t be bothered: Sony XAV-AX4000 

If you want a straightforward yet impressive radio replacement, try the
. There’s anti-glare technology to guarantee that you can always see the nearly 7-inch touchscreen, even in direct sunlight. You can customize not only your soundscape but the appearance of the display with this system. 
Apple and Android devices will work seamlessly, with the ability to use voice control just the way you’re accustomed to doing it at home. Streaming from compatible devices is at 24 bits, much better than standard Bluetooth streaming. There’s also a handy USB-C port to charge up or play from a flash drive if you like.
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How to save on Jeep Compass insurance costs

Before you invest in a new stereo system, it’s important to consider the effect a 2012 Jeep Compass radio replacement might have on your insurance rates. 
Unfortunately, modifications can lead to increased premiums. That’s because aftermarket sound systems are extra attractive to thieves. You’ll enjoy your new sound system, of course, but it makes your Jeep that much more vulnerable to theft. The worst part is that new sound systems may not be covered by your standard policy.
Jeeps are already expensive to insure, due to their association with adventurous (aka risky) driving. 
So, how can you save on Jeep Compass insurance costs?
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