How to Replace Isuzu Tail Lights

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The tail lights on your Isuzu can be replaced with a Phillips head screwdriver, ten minutes, and between $20 to $70. What’s more, the process is easy enough to do at home, even for car novices.
Needless to say, defunct tail lights are dangerous for many reasons—and driving with a broken tail light can land you a hefty ticket if law enforcement takes notice.
This guide from car insurance comparison app Jerry walks you through the ins and outs of replacing your Isuzu’s tail lights, including when it’s worth it to file an insurance claim. 
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How to replace Isuzu tail lights 

Cost: $20 to $70
Time: 10 minutes
Tools needed: Safety glasses, gloves, cloth/rag, Phillips head screwdriver, replacement bulbs 
Difficulty: Easy
In Isuzu models including the Rodeo, the tail light piece is illuminated by three different bulbs located in the tail light assembly: the brake light is located in the top socket, while the lower two sockets control the turn signal and reverse lights
Identifying the bulb that needs to be replaced beforehand will save you time and ensure that the replacement is done correctly.
No matter the make and model of your Isuzu, the pros recommended using a cloth to handle new bulbs in order to reduce smudges from fingerprints or oil.

Steps for replacing tail lights on an Isuzu Rodeo (or similar model)

  • Start by grabbing your Phillips screwdriver. On the back of the vehicle, remove the two screws holding the tail light assembly in place
  • Underneath the tail light assembly will be a Phillips screw—remove this screw
  • Remove the tail light assembly by pulling it out, towards your body
  • Unlock one of the light sockets by turning it counterclockwise. Once it’s loosened, slide it out of the tail light assembly
  • To remove the defunct bulb from the socket, press inwards and turn it counterclockwise. Then, pull gently to remove the bulb from the socket 
  • Insert the new bulb into the empty socket. Gently press down and turn the bulb clockwise to lock it in place 
  • Replace the socket in the tail light assembly by sliding it back into place and turning it clockwise until it stops
  • You’re nearly there—simply reinstall the assembly into the rear of the car. Use your Phillips screwdriver to return the screws and hold the assembly in place

Commons reasons for Isuzu tail light malfunctions

You may be wondering how your Isuzu’s tail light broke in the first place. Sometimes the reason is obvious—you backed into something, maybe your tail light was cracked by a rogue baseball, or you got into a minor fender bender on your way home from work. 
However, in other cases, the reason isn’t so easy to determine. The culprit behind your broken tail light may be a range of mechanical malfunctions:
  • Dead bulb: A common and unsurprising reason, your tail light’s bulbs may simply be dead. An easy way to spot this problem is if only a single light in your tail light assembly is out.
  • Broken wiring or fuses: If more than one light is broken, you might have damaged wiring or a defective fuse. The best move for this issue is to visit an auto mechanic. 
  • Damaged socket: Sometimes, accumulated moisture from rain, humidity, and other weather may damage your car’s tail light sockets. Remove the tail light assembly to check for damage—telltale signs to look for are discoloration or residue build-up. 
  • Broken control switch: If the other mechanical issues aren’t the problem, you may have a broken control switch. A visit to the auto mechanic can diagnose and address this mechanical problem. 

Does car insurance cover broken tail lights? 

Your car insurance will often cover your Isuzu’s broken tail lights if you have collision and/or comprehensive coverage on your policy. However, the general recommendation is to skip claiming insurance on this repair.
This is because the damage amount must exceed your deductible for your insurance to apply. Broken tail lights aren’t expensive (or time-intensive) to replace, so it’s often better to just take care of everything yourself. 
On average, the cost to replace an Isuzu’s tail light ranges from $20 to $70. You may have to pay more if you bring the car to a mechanic. 
Key Takeaway Even though most insurance policies will cover broken tail lights, it is more cost-efficient to skip the insurance claim and perform the repair yourself. 

How to find affordable Isuzu insurance

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The average cost to replace your Isuzu’s tail light ranges from $20 to $70. This cost will vary depending on the vehicle’s make and model.
Yes, and what’s more, it’s easy! The process for replacing your Isuzu’s tail lights requires nothing more than some basic tools, ten minutes, and a bit of patience. This common maintenance task is perfect for beginners and experts alike.

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