How Long Do Kias Last?

On average, Kias last about 200,000 miles—and 13 years. The Soul is as dependable as it is snazzy and may be just the car to get you there.
Written by Melissa Harvey
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Kia has managed to produce cars as reliable as they are stylish. Owners who give their ride some TLC can expect to get about 200,000 miles out of their vehicles over 13 years. Balancing between affordability and dependability, Kia's top-performing models are near the top of their class. 
While Kias are generally reliable, they have produced a few models that don’t hold up as well.
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We’ll walk you through which models you can depend on and which models flopped. We also have tips to help you get the most out of your Kia and how to lower your
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Are Kias reliable? 

In a nutshell: Yes. It’s hard to go wrong with a Kia. 
Brandwide, Kia’s annual repair costs total about $474. Kia owners report an average of 0.2 repair visits each year—meaning a Kia owner can motor for several years without any significant issues.  
Kia has offerings across many classes, making it easy for drivers to find an affordable, reliable option to meet their automotive needs. 

How many miles can a Kia last?

Kias tend to have a lifespan of about 200,000 miles, but your car’s longevity depends on how well it's cared for.  

How many years can a Kia last? 

If you drive about 15,000 miles a year, your Kia will last for 13 years. Kias hold up well until they reach the 200,000-mile mark. However, many drivers prefer to lease them, as Kia’s resale value isn’t as high as other brands. 
Key Takeaway Your Kia can last up to 200,000 miles or 13 years as long as you maintain it. 

The most reliable Kia models

Kia offers a solid build at an affordable price. The brand ranks 14th for dependability. Despite having several models near the top of their classes, some Kia models are better engineered than others. How do you know which models are the best in Kia’s lineup? 
A car’s reliability depends on: 
  • Its rate of recalls
  • Mechanical issues 
  • Maintenance costs 
We’re going to use
J.D. Power’s
Quality & Reliability ratings, along with’s
True Cost to Own® estimates, to examine each Kia’s overall reliability and cost of ownership. Let’s take a look at the breakdown. 


Image of a dark gray Kia Sportage driving through fog.
2021 starting price: $25,265
True cost to own (5 years): $46,936
J.D. Power Quality & Reliability Score: 88/100
Kia Sportage
ranked #2 by
J.D. Power for best compact SUV
in 2021. It's also a Top Safety Pick. The Sportage has a
reliability rating
of 4/5, and the average maintenance costs are nearly $462 each year. Most owners need to visit their mechanic for unscheduled repairs less than once a year. 


Image of an orange Kia Forte.
2021 starting price:$18,885
True cost to own (5 years): $38,441 
J.D. Power Quality & Reliability Score: 87/100
Kia Forte
is in J.D. Power’s top three for compact cars and is an excellent choice for drivers looking to save money. Not only is the starting price competitive, but this car has a high
reliability rating
(4.5/5) and yearly repair costs average $450. This means that very few Kia Forte owners are surprised by major repairs each year. 
This vehicle offers drivers a lot of value when equipped with top-of-the-line safety features. 


Image of a red Soul courtesy of Kia.
2021 starting price: $18,885
True cost to own (5 years): $39,128 
J.D. Power Quality & Reliability Score: 87/100
As another top performer in Kia’s lineup, the
is as dependable as it is stylish. The Soul ranked in the top three best small SUVs by J.D. Power in 2021 and has a repair rating of 4.5/5. 
The Kia Soul has a sturdy build and should reliably take you wherever you need to go, despite its starting price. Most owners have fewer than one unexpected repair each year and spend about $437 in annual repair costs—well below the national average. 

The least reliable Kia models

It’s true that most Kias perform well—and are even at the top of their classes. However, some models aren’t as dependable. Here’s a look at some of Kia's underperformers. 


Image of a yellow Seltos courtesy of Kia.
2021 starting price: $23,165
True cost to own (5 years): $42,358
J.D. Power Quality & Reliability Score: 78/100
Kia freshly released the
in 2021—data on its dependability has been sparse. While most owners haven’t had many problems, others have experienced extensive engine, electrical, and suspension problems. For owners who have had issues, repairs have been costly. 
Keep an eye out for the 2022 version; it should feature updates that boost this model’s dependability. 


Image of three Sorentos courtesy of Kia.
2021 starting price:$30,565
True cost to own (5 years): $51,565
J.D. Power Quality & Reliability Score: 77/100
In 2020, the
Kia Sorento
ranked at the bottom of its class. Kia made adjustments to its design, and in 2021, the Sorento ranked #4 for best upper midsize SUV by J.D. Power. This model has an above-average reliability score, and most owners average about $530 on yearly repairs—right in line with the compact SUV class average. 
Key Takeaway While Kia is aware it has produced models that could be considered lemons, the automaker has a history of making next-generation improvements that perform better than their predecessors. 

How to make your Kia last longer

While having a reliable car is important, the biggest factor in how long a car lasts is its owner. If you have the time, money, and responsibility to care for your Kia, it can outlast the average car by following these tips:
  • Only replace parts with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts
  • Schedule inspections regularly and outside of repairs to catch any unexpected issues
  • Keep the car clean to avoid wear and tear 
  • Drive safely to avoid damages and accidents that can impact your car’s lifespan

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Kias usually have a lifespan of about 200,000 miles or about 13 years. A well-maintained Kia may cruise for even longer.
Generally speaking, Kia has below-average repair costs and can set you back about $474 a year. Most drivers find unexpected repairs to be minor and rare.
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