What You Should Know About the 2004 Honda Accord Battery Draining Problem

If you’ve encountered the maddening 2004 Honda Accord battery draining problem, here’s what you need to know—and how to fix it.
Written by Katherine Duffy
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
The 2004 Honda Accord battery drain problem could be caused by a parasitic drain from the car’s software, a bad alternator, or even a faulty battery. Diagnosing the issue can be tricky, but solutions are fairly straightforward. 
Everyone’s been there: you’re on a mad dash out the door after running just 10 minutes behind for work. You climb into your car, and as if it senses your urgency, it refuses to start. While most car owners face this problem once or twice, this might be a regular part of your morning routine as an Accord owner. 
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What causes the 2004 Honda Accord battery drain problem? 

Drained battery issues are among the top complaints for 2004 Honda Accord owners, but even owners of the 2005-2010 models have made similar battery drain complaints. Many owners have complained that the battery begins to drain shortly after buying the car, or after leaving it unused for just a few days. 
So, what is happening to cause battery drainage problems common to many Honda Accord owners? 
Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this perplexing problem. The usual battery drain culprits, such as leaving an electrical component running in the car, don’t account for the massive amounts of complaints. The most plausible cause for the Honda Accord battery drainage issue is a parasitic drain. 
A parasitic drain is exactly what it sounds like: part of the Honda Accord’s software draws a disproportionate amount of power, causing the battery to drain at an alarming rate. This electrical parasitic component continues to steal battery life even when the car is turned off, which explains why many Accords won’t start after a few days of no driving. 
The culprit of the parasitic drain seems to be the Accord’s Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) system, the A/C relay system, or even an incorrect battery charge management mode. In some cases, a bad alternator or faulty battery could be the cause, but the Accord’s parasitic drain issue explains why so many models experience the same battery problems.

How to fix the 2004 Honda Accord’s battery draining problem 

In almost all cases, if you’re having suspicious battery drainage issues, you should bring your Honda Accord to a reputable repair shop to have it assessed. Figuring out the exact cause of your battery problems is more complex than it seems, so having a trusted mechanic get to the root cause of the issue will save you the headache of diagnosing the issue on your own. 
If your Honda Accord is dealing with a parasitic drain problem, fixing the problem depends on which component of your car the drain is coming from. Fixing the A/C Relay can cost between $35-$100 and is a fairly straightforward job. 
If you’re dealing with a faulty VSA system or battery charge management mode, you’ll have to bring your car to a Honda dealership to see if your car’s software can be updated to avoid this problem. 
Suppose you’ve changed the A/C Relay and brought your Accord in for a software update but the battery is still draining quickly. Watch out for these common battery-draining culprits: 
  • In some cases, a faulty alternator could be the actual cause of your battery problems. You might need to repair or replace the alternator.  
  • Check your battery terminals to make sure that everything is hooked up correctly and that no corrosion or residue is affecting the battery’s operation. 
  • Make sure your battery is tested at the repair shop! You may need to change or upgrade it if it’s not delivering the power you need to run your Accord efficiently. 

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