How to Replace Geo Tail Lights

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Nick Kunze
Updated on Apr 4, 2022 · 4 min read
You can replace your Geo’s tail light at home if you’re only dealing with a burnt-out bulb. However, issues with your tail lights may indicate more serious issues with your car’s wiring, control switch, or light sockets.
Tail lights are crucial safety features that keep your car illuminated when driving at night. Without working tail lights, you are putting yourself and other drivers in danger. Plus, a broken tail light can earn you a ticket from a law enforcement officer. If you’re having issues with your tail light, be sure to replace it as soon as possible.
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created this guide to replacing your Geo’s tail lights. Read on to learn how to replace your light, what’s causing the light to not work, and if your insurance will foot the bill.
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How to replace a Geo tail light

Cost: $60 to $100 
Time: 5 to 10 minutes
Tools needed: Safety glasses, gloves, Philips head screwdriver, replacement parts 
Difficulty: Easy
Before you run to the store to buy a new lightbulb, you should take a moment to diagnose the issue causing your tail light to go out. 
If the bulb is broken—either due to an accident, bad weather, or other events—then replacing the bulb will fix the issue. Or, if only one tail light is off and the brake lights are still powered, the bulb is likely the issue.
However, if both bulbs are out, the problem is likely with the wiring or bulb sockets. In this case, replacing the light bulb won’t fix the problem. You’ll likely need to head to a mechanic for these more complex issues.
If you’re unsure what is wrong or worried about exasperating the issue, then bring your Geo to a professional mechanic. They’ll be able to quickly diagnose and fix the issue.
If the issue is a burnt-out bulb and you want to deal with it yourself, here’s how to replace your Geo’s tail light:
  • First, be sure you’ve gotten the correct bulb. Check your owner’s manual to ensure you’ve gotten the correct replacement.
  • Then, disconnect the battery. This is a smart safety precaution that can prevent electrocution.
  • Open the trunk and remove the screws securing the taillight housing.
  • Remove the taillight from the Geo, then remove the bulb assembly socket from the taillight housing.
  • Unscrew the old lightbulb and screw in the new bulb.
Then, move in reverse order to reassemble your vehicle.
Key Takeaway You can replace a burnt-out tail light at home in just a few minutes.

Common reasons for Geo tail light malfunctions

While replacing the bulb will often get your tail light working again, the issue can sometimes be more complex. Check out these possible causes for a malfunctioning tail light:
  • Dead bulb: If a single light has gone out, you’re likely dealing with a dead light bulb.
  • Faulty wiring or fuses: If both tail lights are out or if there are also issues with the brake lights, you could have a wiring issue or blown fuse.
  • Damaged socket: If the light socket is discolored or has a build-up of corrosion, the issue could lie with the socket itself.
  • Broken control switch: The problem could be with how your light system communicates with your car. A broken control switch could cause your tail lights to not turn on.
Some of these issues are more serious and will require a trip to a mechanic.

Does car insurance cover broken tail lights? 

Your car insurance will often cover the cost of a broken tail light. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll want to make a claim.
If the tail light is broken in an accident, you’ll be covered through your
collision coverage
. Or, if the light is damaged by inclimate weather or vandalism, you can claim the damage through your
comprehensive coverage
. However, the cost of replacement is likely less than your deductible.
Most car insurance deductibles are $500, but the cost of replacing a broken tail light is around $100. That means you won’t get any help with the cost, since the total repairs are less than your deductible. Plus, insurance claims usually raise your premiums. That means you’ll be paying more monthly for the same coverage due to making a claim.  
Unless the broken tail light is one of many repairs necessary after an accident, it’s wise to pay for a broken tail light repair out-of-pocket.

How to find affordable Geo insurance

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If you replace the light at home, it’ll only cost as much as the replacement light bulb. If you go to a mechanic, expect to pay closer to $100. However, if the issue is with the wiring or control switch, it may be a much more expensive fix.
Yes! If you’re dealing with a burnt-out bulb, you should be able to fix it yourself with a fresh bulb, a screwdriver, and a little effort.
If the broken tail light is caused by a claimable issue, like an accident or inclement weather, then you can claim a broken tail light. 
However, the cost of repairs will likely be less than your deductible, so chances are you’ll want to pay for this repair out-of-pocket.

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