Genesis Paint Codes

The paint code for all Genesis cars can be found on the driver’s side, near the vehicle’s door jamb, or in the engine compartment.
Written by Annette Maxon
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Genesis drivers can find their vehicle’s paint code on the driver’s side door jamb or in the engine compartment. After finding the paint code, you can order a paint can or pen to easily repair any dings at home.
It happens even to the best of us—a scratch has mysteriously appeared on the side of your Genesis. Whether your car is brand new or well-loved, repairing these scratches and dings can easily be done at home. All you need is a can of paint that matches your car. 
Cue paint codes—the handy two to three-letter code used to figure out the your car’s exact color, because no one wants a splotchy-colored paint job! From locating your car’s paint codes to ordering paint,
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Where can I find my Genesis’s paint code?

Locating the paint code is simple and will be the same regardless of your Genesis’s make and model. There are two places to look for your paint code:
  • On the inside of the driver’s door, look to the door jamb—the area where the door is attached to the car frame. The paint code will nearly always be posted in this location 
  • The engine compartment—either on the firewall or the core support
In either place, you’re looking for the manufacturer’s tag—this is generally a black sticker with white text or vice versa. Once you’ve found the tag, the paint code will be printed next to the “PAINT” heading, typically positioned at the top of the tag. 
For Genesis the
, and GV70 models, the paint codes will all be identical and two to three characters long. A helpful hint: Genesis paint codes do not contain numbers, so you will be looking for a two to three letter alphabet code.

Where can I get paint for my Genesis?

After you’ve figured out your vehicle’s paint code, it’s time to go paint shopping! Paint can be purchased online from
If the damage is small and doesn’t need a lot of work, a good option is to purchase a paint pen and can allow you to forgo buying a full can of paint. The
dealership also sells paint for all Genesis models—the
paint pen
available from Hyaundai is a reliable and affordable option for touching up small knicks on your car. 

Paint touch-up tips

Once you’ve gotten your supplies and are ready to paint, there are a few simple tricks to make your touch-up job look professionally-done: 
  • Use soap and water to wash the damaged area
  • Fine sandpaper or a wire brush can be used to gently get rid of any rust that may have appeared on the damaged area 
  • The night before painting, apply primer to bare metal or plastic that you will be painting—this will need to dry overnight. Gently sand it down the next day, creating a smooth and even surface 
  • Using a color that matches the rest of your car, paint the area by applying several coats. Between each coat, allow a minimum of 20 minutes for the paint to dry. After applying the final coat of paint, let it dry overnight 
  • The next day, brush a clear protective coat over the painted area. Like with the paint, it is best to apply several layers, letting the protective coat dry overnight
  • Wait three days after applying the clear protective coat. Then, use a rubbing compound to buff the area until it shines!

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Whether you drive a Genesis G80, G70, and GV70, the paint code will be posted on the manufacturer’s tag in one of two places:
The door jamb on the driver’s side of the car—this is the most common place for the paint code to live.
The engine compartment—either on the firewall or the core support.
After locating the tag, you’re looking for  the “PAINT” heading, typically positioned at the top of the tag. The paint codes will be the two to three character code next to this heading.
Yes! Fortunately, touching-up the paint on your car is one of the easiest maintenance tasks to do at home. All you will need is to order a paint can or pen that corresponds with your car’s paint code. But, if your car is in need of a full-body paint job, it’s recommended that you hire a professional to get the job done.
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