Ford Focus Battery Size

Ford Focus battery size depends on model year—learn more and find your battery size here.
Written by Bonnie Stinson
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
The most common battery sizes for a Ford Focus are group size 35, H6, 96R, or 40R.  Batteries are not universal! It’s important to know your model year and trim level to find the proper battery size.
Although the Ford Focus is no longer being sold in North America as of 2018, it is still a very popular vehicle. The lifespan of a car battery is between three and five years, so it’s likely that your Ford’s battery may die soon. When it does, you will need to replace it with a battery of the proper size.
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How big is a Ford Focus battery? 

Car batteries are categorized by group size. This designation tells you the exact physical size of the battery, including length, width, and height. You cannot use the same battery in every Ford Focus! If you get the size wrong, the terminals won’t line up—or the battery won’t even fit into the compartment.
The most common battery size groups for a Ford Focus are 35, 48 (H6), 96R, and 40R.
Let’s break down these figures into actual measurements. Here are the dimensions in inches for each group size:
  • Group Size 35: 9.1L x 6.9W x 8.9H
  • Group Size 48 (H6): 12.1L x 6.9W x 7.6H. Usually in base trim 2015-2018 Ford Focuses.
  • Group Size 96R: 9.6L x 6.2W x 6.9H. Usually in base trim 2000-2014 model year Ford Focuses.
  • Group Size 40R: 10.9L x 6.9W x 6.9H. 
96R and 40R are the most common battery size groups. The Zetec Ford Focus usually uses the 40R battery—but not always.
The good news is that you can usually
find the battery size
posted on the battery itself. Just look for a label on the top or side of the battery. Otherwise, you can try checking your owner’s manual.   
OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) batteries are generally the best option for
replacing a bad battery
. When possible, use the same brand of battery originally used by Ford.

Ford Focus battery lifespan

The average lifespan of a Ford Focus battery is between three and five years.
Your battery’s lifespan depends partially on the weather conditions where you live as well as your personal driving habits. 
To help your battery live longer, you can clean the terminals regularly to get rid of corrosion. Put on protective gear and then use an appropriate cleaning fluid and a wire brush.
Even if your battery is still technically working, it may still be a good idea to replace it. Flickering lights and slow-moving electric windows are key indicators that
your car battery is low
. Replace it before it dies completely; otherwise, you could find yourself stuck in a parking lot!
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How does the Ford Focus battery measure up to the competition?

Ford batteries are about average when it comes to lifespan. When compared to
, and other popular car brands, the Ford Focus's battery life is on par with its competitors.
If you drive an electric vehicle, your battery could last between eight and 10 years with proper care. Of course, it’s possible that your Ford Focus battery could last that long if you take care of it. However, there’s nothing special about Ford batteries when compared to other manufacturers.

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