Ford F-150 Battery Size

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Written by Matthew Lynaugh
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The battery size for a Ford F-150 is typically 12 volts, with a general life expectancy of three to five years. The cold cranking amps (CCA), and reserve capacity (RC) vary with the model years, with more strength presented throughout the pickup’s progression.
One of the most important components in any vehicle, the battery is responsible for providing power to start the vehicle, as well as supplying power to other parts like the radio and lights. Simply put, your car is nothing without its battery—just ask anyone that’s been on the side of the road begging for a jump start!
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How big is a Ford F-150 battery? 

The battery size for a Ford F-150 is usually 12V, with a general CCA ranging from 700 to 900 CCA and an RC of more than two hours
Let’s break these numbers down quickly. Voltage is the energy current in the battery—the more volts, the more power that can be distributed to parts that need it. CCA refers to cold condition amps, which are the amps a battery can support at 0 degrees. Lastly, RC is the amount of time a battery can operate after the alternator fails.
If you are purchasing a new F-150, Ford’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty covers original batteries for three years or 36,000 miles—whichever comes first. 
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Ford F-150 battery specs

The F-150 has gone through numerous alterations in its evolution dating all the way back to its 1948 debut. As the truck has grown and added strength, the batteries needed to power it have also grown.
While most of the original F-150s are no longer cruising, below is some battery information for F-150s that are likely to be on the road:
Model year
Battery capacity
130 min.
130 min.
140 min.
160 min.

How does the F-150’s battery measure up to the competition?

The design, utility, and dependability of the Ford F-150 have made it the best-selling pickup truck in the country. While the sales numbers are always best in class, let’s see how this popular pickup’s battery stacks up against the competition.
Battery capacity
2021 Toyota Tundra
2021 Chevrolet Silverado
2020 Dodge RAM 1500
2020 GMC Sierra
While their exteriors may vary, these trucks are not so different on the inside. 12V batteries have become the standard for pickups, providing enough energy to start these big machines, as well as power all of their unique features.

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