Ford Expedition Tire Pressure

The proper Ford Expedition tire pressure is 35 or 39 PSI, depending on tire size.
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The recommended Ford Expedition tire pressure is either 35 or 39 pounds per square inch (PSI) in both the front and rear, depending on the tire size.
Keeping your tires inflated to the proper level is vital not only for your own safety and the protection of your car but also for the safety of other drivers and pedestrians. Improperly inflated tires can cause a variety of problems, including poor fuel efficiency, steering issues, and even a blowout. Each of these issues can come back to bite you and your wallet down the road. 
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What is the right tire pressure for a Ford Expedition?

The correct tire pressure for most Ford Expeditions is 35 PSI front and back. However, depending on your tire size, the proper tire pressure for your Expedition might be 39 PSI for the front and rear tires. You can find your car’s recommended tire pressure by checking the owner’s manual or looking at the sticker on the driver’s side door frame. 
While most Ford Expeditions need 35 PSI in all four tires, if you swap out your stock tires for larger or high-performance versions, the recommended tire pressure might change. Always be sure to check the specifications for your new tires before you fill them incorrectly. 

Tire pressure recommendations for other Ford vehicles

Front tire pressure
Rear tire pressure
33 PSI
33 PSI
35-40 PSI
35-40 PSI
32-35 PSI
32-35 PSI
35 PSI
35 PSI
35-38 PSI
35-38 PSI

How to check Ford Expedition tire pressure

Regularly checking your tire pressure is an essential part of vehicle maintenance, but luckily, it’s easy and quick to do. And depending on the age of your Expedition, you might be able to check the tire pressure without ever leaving the driver’s seat. 
If you own a newer Ford Expedition, you can check the tire pressure by navigating to the vehicle info menu on the dashboard display and selecting tire pressure. If your tire pressure is already too low, a warning light that looks like an exclamation mark inside a tire tread will illuminate, signaling low tire pressure. 
If your Expedition is not equipped with an interactive dashboard display, checking the tire pressure is still easy. 
Simply locate the valve stems on your tires. Then, remove the valve cap and push a
tire pressure gauge
into the valve stem. Doing this will provide you with a pressure reading that you can then use to add or remove air from the tires as needed. 
You can check your tire pressure in your driveway, or you can visit your local gas station and use their air compressor, which will have a built-in pressure gauge. 
If your air pressure is too low, your car might tell you so. Things like a bumpy ride, steering problems, and decreased performance can all be signs of low tire pressure. If you’re experiencing these issues and aren’t sure whether your tire pressure is low, check it!

How often should you check your tire pressure?

You need to check your tire pressure at least once per month, and every time you take a road trip.

How to tell if your Ford Expedition needs new tires

If you’re an average driver—meaning you drive about 12,000 to 15,000 miles per year—you should have to replace your tires every three years or so. However, even if your tires are brand new, it’s worthwhile to check the condition of your tires each time you check the air pressure. Signs that your tires need to be replaced include bumps or cracks, exposed wires, and low tread depth
If you aren’t sure how to check the tread of your tires, you can use an inexpensive tread depth gauge from your local auto parts store or use the penny method. To perform the penny method, place a U.S. penny head-first into your tire tread. If you can see Lincoln’s head, your tires need to be replaced. 
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How to reset the Ford Expedition tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) light

Sometimes, that tire pressure warning light won’t go off, even after you properly adjust the pressure. If this happens to you, you may need to
reset the TPMS
Unfortunately, you will need a TPMS tool to accomplish this in your Ford Expedition. These are usually quite expensive. However, your local auto parts store probably has one that you can borrow—otherwise, you’ll need to shell out the cash or visit the repair shop. 
To reset your Ford Expedition TPMS, park your car and follow these steps:
  • Step 1: Press and release the brake pedal once. 
  • Step 2:Turn the key from OFF to ON three times, ending in the ON position. Do NOT turn on the engine. If your car is equipped with a start button, press the button from OFF to ON three times. 
  • Step 3: Press and release the brake pedal once more. 
  • Step 4:Turn the key to the OFF position.
  • Step 5:Repeat Step 2. If you do this correctly, you will hear your car’s horn honk and see the TRAIN LEFT FRONT TIRE message appear on the dash screen. 
  • Step 6:Beginning with the front driver’s side tire, place the TPMS tool against the tire sidewall near the valve stem and press the button to relearn the sensor. The horn will chirp when the sensor is relearned. 
  • Step 7:Continue clockwise around the car until you hear the last horn chirp for the rear driver’s side tire.
  • Step 8:Turn the key to OFF and then adjust the air in each tire to the proper level. 
If this process does not work to reset your TPMS, you may need to take your car to a mechanic for further inspection and repair. 

How to save on Ford Expedition insurance

Any good car-care plan should include regularly checking the tire pressure. But that’s not all you need to do to protect your Ford Expedition. A quality insurance plan is just as essential and is a wonderful way to protect yourself and your vehicle.
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