Fiat Paint Codes

Your Fiat paint code will tell you your vehicle’s exact color and is generally on a silver sticker inside of the trunk or the hood.
Written by Abbey Orzech
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
A Fiat’s paint code can typically be found on a silver sticker or plate on the inside of the boot lid (your trunk) or the bonnet lid (your hood). The chassis number of your Fiat, also referred to as the VIN, also can be used to figure out your vehicle’s color if you’re unable to find the paint code sticker.
Suppose you’re walking out to your beloved Fiat one day and you spot a scratch in the paint. It’s not very big, you can probably handle covering it up yourself. But you’d hate to grab the wrong shade and have an out-of-place stripe on your car, so you’ll need to figure out the exact color. 
Conveniently, each Fiat will come with a paint code that tells you the exact shade of your vehicle.
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Where can I find my Fiat’s paint code?

Your Fiat’s paint code typically will be located on the inside of your trunk or your hood on a silver sticker or plate. The code is normally composed of three digits, but it will sometimes be followed by a “/” and a letter. 
You may want to use a
color code chart
for reference once you have found your paint code.

What if there’s no paint code on the car’s label?

If you are unable to locate your Fiat’s paint code sticker, you can instead find your Fiat’s chassis number, otherwise known as a VIN or Vehicle Identification Number. A Fiat’s chassis number is 17 digits long and will always start with the letters ZFA, followed by 14 numbers.
Here’s where you can find the chassis number for your Fiat:
  • Most Fiat vehicles have the chassis number etched into the windshield, underneath your Tax Disc display
  • You might also find your Fiat’s chassis in the engine bay, under a small flap of the driver’s footwell, under the carpet in the trunk, or in your Fiat’s logbook. Be sure to look for the silver sticker or plate
Another way to find your vehicle’s exact shade if you can’t locate the paint code is to contact your local Fiat dealership for further assistance. 

Where can I get paint for my Fiat?

So you’ve figured out the paint code for your Fiat and you’re ready to buy some paint. You can grab touch-up pens in your vehicle’s exact shade on
Fiat’s accessories webpage
, or you can check out
Touch Up Direct’s website
for spray cans, quarts, or even gallons of your car’s color.  

Paint touch-up tips

If you’re nervous about
removing scratches from your car paint
yourself, take a look at these paint touch-up tips:
  • Use sandpaper first to remove any rust and leave a rough surface that allows the paint to cling to it easier.
  • Have a cloth handy that you can use to remove any contaminants, like wax or grease, before painting.
  • Use a primer! Primers are encouraged to address any damage to the base material. 
  • Apply thin layers of paint to build up the color.
  • Go for a clear coat after the color to add a protective layer!
  • Consider using a polishing component to give it that new-car finish. 
  • Consult
    how-to videos
    if you’re more of a visual learner! 
Also, if you’re brand new to car painting and your Fiat has more than a little damage, it might be a good idea to hire a professional. 

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Fiat manufacturers equip each vehicle with a paint code that tells the owner the exact color of their car. Usually three digits long, your Fiat paint code appears on a silver sticker under the hood or in the trunk.
Yes! After identifying your paint code, shop around for the right amount of paint you’ll need for the project, check out our painting tips above, and dive in.
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