What is an air springs replacement?

Air springs aren’t actually springs. They’re more like rubber bags of air that keep the chassis away from the axles. They function to separate the chassis and axles and are pretty thick and durable.
But they do wear down over time, making them susceptible to cracks and leaks.
Unlike a balloon, air springs aren’t going to pop when they crack. But they will slowly vent and lose air pressure, which reduces your ride quality over time.
An air springs replacement involves hoisting up the car and repairing these essential air suspension components. This service usually isn’t cheap: the parts for an air springs replacement often cost anywhere from $1,200 to $1,500, while labor can cost $150 to $300.

How to perform an air springs replacement

Here’s how a mechanic will perform an air springs replacement:
  • Verify the air suspension’s problem is related to the air spring
  • Remove the wheel
  • Remove the blown air spring
  • Install a new air spring
  • Put the wheel back on
  • Test both springs individually and as a unit

Do I need an air springs replacement?

The strongest indicator that your air suspension needs maintenance, and possibly an air springs replacement, is a decrease in your ride quality.
You might be able to spot an air springs problem just by looking at the car itself. If you’re parked on a flat surface, you might notice one corner of the car dipping lower toward the ground than the other three corners, almost as if you have a flat tire.
If the tires are fine and the car seems to dip, it could mean you need an air springs replacement.

How important is an air springs replacement?

Suspension issues like a faulty air spring can drastically affect the car’s handling and performance and can even lead to unsafe driving conditions. We recommend getting this replacement as soon as possible after discovering the problem.