Does the Lincoln MKZ Have Apple CarPlay?

Lincoln MKZs from the model year 2017 and newer come with Apple CarPlay as a standard feature—and all you need to use it is a USB cable.
Written by Melanie Krieps Mergen
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Lincoln MKZs from the model year 2017 and newer come with Apple CarPlay as a standard feature—and all you need to use it is a USB cable. 
Whether wired or wireless, Apple CarPlay is an extremely useful feature that helps drivers
avoid distracted driving
. Beyond streaming your favorite tunes and podcasts, Apple CarPlay allows you to easily handle navigation, phone calls, texts, and more hands-free so you can keep your attention where it belongs: on the road.
But which Lincoln MKZs have Apple CarPlay—and how do you enable the feature? Read on to find out!
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Does the Lincoln MKZ have Apple CarPlay?

2017 and newer Lincoln MKZs offer Apple CarPlay as a standard feature.
Apple CarPlay (as well as Android Auto) connectivity has been included as a standard feature on the Lincoln MKZ since its 2017 model year. 
Since the Lincoln MKZ debuted with the 2006 model year and was phased out after 2020, MKZs that do not have Apple CarPlay outnumber MKZs that do.
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How to add Apple CarPlay to a Lincoln MKZ

If you drive an older Lincoln MKZ that didn’t come with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, there are still ways you can add the feature to your vehicle.
Depending on your vehicle’s model year, you may be able to ask a Lincoln dealership if it’s possible to perform a
software update
on your SYNC infotainment system to add the capability.
You also have the option of installing an aftermarket system that has Apple CarPlay capabilities.
If you’d rather not fiddle with the systems you already have in your MKZ, there’s always the aux cord, Bluetooth, and for the oldest of the MKZs, aftermarket Bluetooth adapter options.

How to enable Apple CarPlay in a Lincoln MKZ

Figuring out whether your Lincoln MKZ does have Apple CarPlay is only half the battle—you’ll also need to set it up before you can enjoy all its added conveniences.
Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how you can set up Apple CarPlay on your Lincoln MKZ’s SYNC 3 multimedia system:
  • From your iPhone, verify that both Siri and CarPlay are enabled.
  • Connect your iPhone to the SYNC 3 system using the USB port. The cable you use should be an Apple-compatible Lightning-to-USB cable for this to work properly; a generic cord that only charges rather than shares information won’t work for this purpose.
  • When you see a message appear on your SYNC 3 infotainment screen, select Continue > Agree.
That’s all there is to it! Now, whenever you connect your phone to your Lincoln MKZ via USB, the infotainment screen will display your phone’s apps and features via Apple CarPlay.

Which Lincoln models have Apple CarPlay? 

If you’re in the market for a new or used Lincoln and having Apple CarPlay is a must for you, look for a 2017 or newer vehicle with a SYNC 3 or SYNC 4 infotainment system, or a 2016 or newer vehicle with SYNC 3 and a software version of 2.0 or greater.
That will include the following Lincoln vehicles:
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