How to Pick the Right Dodge Ram 2500 Rear Differential Fluid

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Melissa Harvey
Updated on Jun 16, 2022 · 4 min read
Replacing the rear differential fluid on a
2010 Jeep Patriot
is a reasonably straightforward process. First, buy a non-synthetic 80W-90 GL-5 gear oil that meets the manufacturer's requirements, and always remove the differential fill plug before you drain the old oil. 
Ram ownership is all about working hard and getting the job done—whether you’re working on the job site or tinkering in the garage. One routine maintenance task that most Ram owners forget? Changing the rear differential fluid. 
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Dodge Ram 2500
’s rear differential fluid,
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, Jerry has created this handy guide to choosing, buying, and changing the Dodge Ram 2500’s rear differential fluid. Let’s get started. 
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The best Dodge Ram 2500 rear differential fluid

Without question, the best rear differential fluid you could use in your Dodge Ram 2500 would be the OEM lubricant recommended by Dodge: MOPAR SAE 75W 85 HD Ram GL-5 Synthetic  Axle Lubricant. Please note that a limited-slip additive is not required if you have Limited-Slip rear axels. 
But what should you use if the OEM oil is out of stock—or your want to use a low-cost version? Any synthetic gear lubricant that has the same specs will work. Just be sure your substitute is listed as “75w-85” to get the correct viscosity and “GL-5”— referring to the level of sulfur-based additives that help the oil work well under pressure. But what should you use if the OEM oil is out of stock—or your want to use a low-cost version? Here are some alternatives to consider: 

What is rear differential fluid—and why does your Ram need it? 

What, exactly, is rear differential fluid? What does it do for your Ram, and
why do you need to replace it
Rear differential fluid lubricates your Ram’s rear axle, which helps your truck run efficiently. It allows the wheels to spin at different speeds, especially when hauling heavy loads or trailers. The lubricant delivers variable torque to the rear wheels and helps grip the roads through tight turns and rocky conditions. 

How often to change Dodge Ram 2500 rear differential fluid

It's easy to overlook your truck’s rear differential fluid because it doesn’t work as hard as the supercritical oil that lubricates its engine. The rear differential fluid doesn’t need to be replaced nearly as often, and a specific changing interval may not be listed in your owner’s manual. There are some symptoms to watch for that show its time for a fluid replacement
  • A burning smell from the rear gearbox
  • Straining, howling, or whirring noises 
  • Unusual vibrations 
In addition to watching out for these symptoms of low or contaminated rear differential fluid, you can avoid unexpected problems—and prolong the life of your Ram by changing the rear differential fluid every 30,000 to 50,000 miles. For a Dodge Ram 2500, Dodge recommends changing your rear differential fluid every 50,000 miles; however, there are instances where you may want to do this service sooner rather than later: 
  1. If your Ram experiences a lot of use as a heavy-duty work truck, it's best to change the oil closer to 30,000 miles. 
  2. If you notice any of the above symptoms before 60,000, you shouldn’t put off replacing the fluid. 
Ready to do this service? Let’s get at it. 

How to change your Ram’s differential fluid

Begin by consulting your owner’s manual (we’ve got a
PDF here
to simplify things) to confirm the exact specifications for your Ram. Next, gather the following tools: 
Step 1: You’ll want to ensure your truck is secured on jack stands or ramps. Then, find the differential drain bolt, loosen it, and remove it. 
Step 2: Give the gear oil time to drain entirely. Replace the drain bolt and wipe any leftover gear oil from the case. 
Step 3: Find the gear oil fill bolt and remove it. 
Step 4:  Use a pump to slowly add the correct gear oil to your truck’s differential. 
Step 5: Add about 3 quarts of gear oil to the differential—you’ll know you have enough if it starts to dribble out of the fill hole. 
Step 6: Replace and tighten the fill hole bolt. Wipe any spilled oil from the case—and that’s all there is! 

How to find affordable Dodge Ram insurance

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