Ultimate DENSO Oil Filter Guide

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DENSO oil filters are generally considered to be reliable and can help filter out potentially harmful debris from your motor oil before it enters your engine.
Your car’s motor oil can collect contaminants like debris that need to be cleared out. A good oil filter helps cut down on those contaminants so your oil can keep your engine running smoothly and help prevent it from overheating. Eventually, as it fills up with contaminants, an oil filter will become less effective and need to be replaced. 
When that time comes, how do you pick the right oil filter brand for your car? To help you compare options,
, the car insurance
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,  is here to give you the rundown on different brands of oil filters. Read on to learn about DENSO oil filters, how they work, and how you can find savings on your
car insurance
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How do DENSO oil filters work?

Your car’s oil pump will push oil into and through the oil filter, which will remove dirt, metal pieces, and other contaminants from your oil before it circulates through your engine again, allowing it to run smoothly and maintain an optimal temperature. If your engine oil is black and gritty, something's wrong!
Without an oil filter, lingering contaminants in motor oil circulating through your vehicle could cause damage to your engine.
When it comes to your typical Denso filter, here are some of the main components:
  • Housing: This is the metal case the oil filter sits in. Denso’s oil filter housing is made of heavy-duty steel
  • Media: This is the “filter” part of your filter that removes contaminants from your motor oil. Different media can consist of different materials. Denso’s has specially-designed dual layers of paper to increase its filtration capabilities
  • Anti-drainback valve: This prevents oil from draining out of the filter when you turn off your vehicle 
  • Gasket: This is an O-shaped ring or band that helps keep the filter in place and prevent oil leaks. Denso claims its pre-lubricated gasket design forms a more effective seal when compared with other brands'
    oil pump O-rings
    oil filter housing gaskets.

Are DENSO oil filters good?

Denso is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for
auto parts, and they’re generally considered to be reliable and effective. 
Denso oil filters also tend to be relatively affordable and range in price from about $6 to $40, depending on where you buy them. On the cheaper end of that spectrum, you’ll find element-only replacements that can help cut down on waste. 

How long do DENSO oil filters last?

How long a DENSO filter can last will depend on several different factors, like the driving conditions the oil filter is exposed to, your vehicle type and age, and the type of motor oil being used. 
DENSO recommends referring to your particular oil filter’s instruction manuals and your vehicle’s maintenance history to determine the right replacement interval. 
Generally, an oil filter should be changed every other oil change. It doesn’t necessarily hurt to change an oil filter at every oil change, but depending on what kind of condition the oil filter is in, it might not be necessary. 
Standard oil changes are typically recommended every 3,000 to 5,000 miles depending on your vehicle, while newer vehicles that use synthetic oil commonly only require oil changes every 10,000 miles or so.

Can I change DENSO oil filters myself?

Changing an oil filter can be pretty straightforward and is something many drivers opt to do themselves, either out of preference or to save time and/or money on routine car maintenance. 
You can find installation guides by part number on DENSO’s
The general steps for replacing an oil filter involve:
  • Draining your vehicle’s oil
  • Removing the old oil filter
  • Inserting the new oil filter (making sure it’s lubricated)
  • Adding new oil
However, if you don’t feel comfortable with the idea of changing your Denso oil filter yourself, you can always have a mechanic take care of it for you. 
MORE: How much should an oil change cost?

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To find out which DENSO oil filter is compatible with your vehicle, check your vehicle’s owner manual for the right specifications or use the search tools offered by the auto parts store of your choice.
DENSO oil filters are made by DENSO, a Japanese auto parts manufacturer.
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff.
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