How to Replace Chevrolet Tail Lights

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Chevy has made it very easy for the average person to replace their tail lights, which means no need to bring your car into the shop. Even better, it’s a cheap fix—most tail lights can be replaced for between $20 and $60, with a screwdriver, and a little bit of know-how.
Your vehicle’s tail lights are a very important part of your car’s safety system. The tail lights illuminate to show other drivers that you are braking and stay on at night so people can see you in the dark. Needless to say, if these bulbs break or malfunction you should fix them right away.
For those who have never changed a tail light before, it may seem like a daunting task. But have no fear, Jerry is here!
Car insurance comparison and broker app Jerry has compiled everything Chevrolet owners need to know about tail light replacements. Read on to find detailed instructions, cost estimates, and all of your other top questions answered.
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How to replace a Chevrolet tail light

Cost: $20 to $60
Time: 10 minutes
Tools needed: Replacement bulb, Phillips head screwdriver, gloves, safety
Difficulty: Easy
Step one is to find out your exact car model and search online to see what bulb your vehicle requires. These replacement bulbs can be purchased at any major auto parts store.
Once you have your new bulb, screwdriver, gloves, and safety glasses on hand, here’s how you replace a tail light bulb in a Chevy:
  • Open the trunk or tailgate (depending on if you have a car or truck).
  • Identify the two screws that hold the tail light assembly to the car. These will likely be Phillips head screws.
  • Remove the assembly by pulling it forward out of its cavity.
  • Remove the sockets that hold the bulbs by twisting them to the left. This can sometimes require a little bit of force.
  • Remove the damaged or broken bulb and put in your replacement bulb.
  •  Return the sockets to their original location in the assembly and tighten them by twisting to the right.
  • Reinstall the assembly and replace the screws that hold it in place.
Key Takeaway Once you have identified the issue and have the new parts on hand, a Chevy tail light replacement is an easy DIY fix. Never hesitate to bring your car to a licensed mechanic if you feel overwhelmed.

Commons reasons for Chevrolet tail light malfunctions

In some cases, the cause of your broken tail light is easily apparent. A traffic collision, storm damage, or if you spill coffee on yourself and then run into the side of your garage. Not that we’ve ever done that.
If you’re not sure what caused the malfunction, keep an eye out for these potential causes: 
  • Burned out bulb: Just like a light bulb in your house, auto lights have only so much life in them and need to be replaced when they burn out.   
  • Blown fuse: If a fuse is damaged or a power surge causes it to blow, it will cut power to the lights. A tell-tale sign of a blown fuse is when multiple lights are out at once.
  • Damaged socket: Moisture can cause corrosion in your tail light sockets. Check for any signs of discoloration or build-up in the socket when you’re replacing the bulb. 
  • Electrical system issues: Sometimes there are much bigger problems with the electrical system in your car. If you notice other electronics in your car are malfunctioning, it may be a good idea to take your car into the shop.

Does car insurance cover broken tail lights? 

If you are in an accident where the other driver is at-fault and their insurance covers any damage done to your vehicle, then insurance will cover your broken tail light.
In most other circumstances though, a tail light replacement is such an easy DIY fix that it is often better to not go through insurance.
If you are someone who does not wish to perform your own maintenance, car insurance can cover instances of damage to your tail light:
  • Collision coverage, for example, will pay for your car to be repaired if you are in an accident where you are either at fault or if there is no other driver involved. 
  • Comprehensive coverage on the other hand will protect against damage done to your car when it’s not on the road. This would include things like damage from vandalism or extreme weather.
In those cases, oftentimes the repairs needed are much bigger than one tail light, so it may make sense to use insurance. But if it is as simple as one tail light burns out, it’s important to remember that you will have to meet yourdeductible before insurance begins to pay for your claim.
You also risk an insurance premium hike when you make an insurance claim. Instead, why not save yourself a little bit of money and hassle? It can be fun to take your car’s maintenance into your own hands!

How to find affordable Chevrolet insurance

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If you want to handle the repairs yourself, the only cost is to purchase the tail light bulb replacement which is often between $40 and $60. These costs significantly increase if you want a trained mechanic to replace the bulb for you.
Absolutely! It’s one of the easiest fixes you can handle by yourself—it requires no special tools, heavy lifting, or even a deep knowledge about cars. And most importantly, it can save you a bundle of money.

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