Audi Paint Codes

You can find the paint code for your Audi on the door jamb label on the driver’s side of your vehicle.
Written by Melissa Harvey
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You can find the paint codes for your Audi on the car’s label in the trunk compartment. If you can’t find it, you can use your Audi’s VIN to look up the paint code online or through the dealership. 
Oh man, you’ve spotted a ding on the door of your new Audi. If you like to handle projects yourself, you’re probably planning on filling in the scratch like it never happened. But how do you find the right color of paint to match your car? 
This is where paint codes come in handy.
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Where can I find my Audi’s paint code?

You can usually find your Audi’s paint code under the trunk deck lid, inside the rear compartment under the mat, or on the spare tile wheel well. The paint code can be two, three, or four numbers long and should be on a silver sticker. 
Please note that a few different Audi models have paint codes that include a combination of letters and numbers.  
Once you find the paint codes, you can order touch-up paint that will match the rest of your car! 

What if there’s no paint code on the car’s label?

If you have an older Audi, you may need to use the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to look up the paint code for your car. You’ll be looking for a code 17 digits long on several key points of the vehicle. Audi VINs commonly start with WAUZZZ
Here’s where you can find the VIN for your Audi: 
  • Driver’s side door frame
  • On the bottom passenger side corner of the windshield
  • The front strut tower
  • In the trunk
  • Under seats
If you can’t find the VIN on your vehicle, you can also use your car’s registration or title. You can pull up the VIN from the multimedia interface on newer models. 
You can use the VIN to look up the paint code online or call your car dealership. 

Where can I get paint for my Audi?

As soon as you know your paint code, you can order some paint! You can either order paint through your dealership or look for it online
Many car maintenance companies also offer paint touch-up packages. As long as you buy paint that matches your code, it doesn’t matter where it comes from! 

Paint touch-up tips

You’ve got your paint—it's time to make those dings and scratches disappear! Here are a few tips to make your paint job go a little smoother: 
  • Wash the damaged area with soap and water
  • If the spot you want to paint is rusty, use fine sandpaper or a wire brush to remove the corrosion. 
  • Apply primer to any bare metal or plastic surfaces you wish to touch up. Let the primer dry overnight. Once dry, lightly sand it to create an even surface. 
  • Paint the area with the color matching the rest of your car. You’ll want to apply several coats, but be sure to wait at least 20 minutes between each layer. Let the final layer dry overnight. 
  • Add a clear protective coat using the same method you used to paint. Apply several coats and allow to dry overnight. 
  • After three days, buff the area with a rubbing compound to bring out the shine! 
For minor damage to your Audi’s paint job, you may be able to get away with using a paint pen or a smaller paint pack instead of a whole can of paint. 

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Audi has codes for every paint color for vehicles that they manufacture. You can find your car’s paint codes on the car’s label inside the trunk space. You can also lookup the paint code for your vehicle online using the VIN for your Audi.
Yes, you cando touch-ups yourself. You just need the paint code for your vehicle to find the matching color for a touch-up. If you need to do a full-body paint job, you should consider hiring a professional.
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