Acura TLX Spare Tire Guide

The Acura TLX may not come with a spare tire, but the Tire Sealant and Inflator Kit is designed to safely get you back on the road after getting a flat.
Written by Melissa Harvey
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
The Acura TLX does not come with a spare tire, so don’t bother hunting for it in your trunk. Instead, use Acura’s Tire Sealant and Inflator Kit (TSI) to safely repair a damaged tire to get back on your way. 
Acura has stopped outfitting many of its new cars with spare tires in recent years. While a spare tire may still be an option in some trims, Acura’s Tire Sealant and Inflator Kit have become the new standard. These kits allow you to quickly repair small punctures without the hassle of having to mess with a wheel jack and a tire iron. 
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Does an Acura TLX have a spare tire? 

Like many other automakers, Acura no longer equips basic trim models with spare tires. This change is partly due to an effort to cut down vehicle weight and improve fuel economy. In the place of a spare tire is a much lighter and easier to use sealant and inflator kit. 
If you pull on the strap on the trunk floor of your Acura TLX, you’ll find the sealant kit under the floorboard. The kit contains: 
  • Sealing agent 
  • Pump
  • Hoses and cables 
  • Tire pressure gauge
As long as your tire’s sidewall isn’t damaged, you will be able to seal a hole as large as 3/16 of an inch in diameter. The seal will hold long enough for you to get to a tire shop or your Acura dealership for a repair. 
If you’re looking for a full-sized spare tire, you can buy a spare tire package from Acura with an optional mounted spare tire that will stow in your trunk in case of an emergency.

How to use the Acura TLX Tire Sealant and Inflator Kit

You can use your Acura’s Tire Sealent and Inflation kit to repair holes up to 3/16 in diameter in the tire tread. If you have damage to your tire’s sidewall or a larger puncture, you should call roadside assistance. 
Here’s how to use Acura’s tire sealant kit: 
  • Park your vehicle on a firm, level, non-slippery surface. Ensure your car is in “Park” and apply the parking brake. Make sure your hazard lights are on, and your vehicle is off 
  • Place the kit face up and on the ground near the tire you’re repairing. Make sure you’re out of the way of traffic and that the equipment is not placed on its side 
  • Attach the sealant/air hose to the tire valve stem. Be sure to screw the hose on until it's tight 
  • Plug in the compressor to the accessory socket 
  • Turn on the selector switch to “Sealant/Air” 
  • Press the inflator “On/Off” switch to turn the kit on. Don’t be alarmed if the air pressure gauge reads high while the sealant is injected. The pressure gauge will drop once the sealant is in, then slowly rise as the tire inflates 
  • Once the pressure gauge reads 33 psi, turn off the compressor 
  • Remove the power plug from the power socket and remove the sealant hose from the valve stem. Reinstall the valve cap. Pack the kit back into your trunk 
  • Drive your vehicle for at least 10 minutes immediately after injecting sealant so that it gets distributed around the tire 
If you can’t get your tire pressure above 29 psi, the damage is likely too severe to repair with the sealant kit. If you have
towing and labor insurance coverage
, you can call roadside assistance for help. 
Please note that the tire pressure sensors inside your Acura TLX’s wheels can be easily damaged by tire sealants. You must only use the sealant provided in your Acura kit. 

How to find affordable insurance for an Acura TLX

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