2021 Ford Ranger Bolt Pattern

A 2021 Ford Ranger’s bolt pattern is 6x5.5, or 6 on 5.5, meaning each wheel has six bolts forming a circle 5.3 inches in diameter.
Written by James Ellaby
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
A 2021 Ford Ranger bolt pattern is 6x5.5 or 6 on 5.3, meaning each wheel has six bolts forming a circle 5.5 inches in diameter. 
The Ranger has been back in the US market since 2018, and it was previously the best-selling compact truck on the market. This 2021 edition is a fourth-generation Ranger and comes with a powerful engine, plenty of tech assistance, and a smooth ride.
But there are definitely areas that you could improve the Ranger with some customization—like the wheels. And if you want to replace the wheels, you need to know what the bolt pattern is. Or, indeed, what we mean by a bolt pattern.
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2021 Ranger bolt pattern

So what is a bolt pattern? Firstly, it can also be called a ‘lug pattern’ so don’t be confused if you see that referenced somewhere. It’s represented as a math formula, but if math isn’t your favorite, don’t worry about that either. Here’s what a bolt pattern means: 
The number of bolts multiplied by the diameter of the circle they form on the wheel
It’s quite simple really, isn’t it? But it’s also important because not knowing the bolt pattern means that you’re risking buying wheels that won’t fit on your truck. 
The bolt pattern for the 2021 Ranger is 6x5.5 or 6 on 5.5. This means that your truck’s wheels have six lugs each, set in a circle 5.3 inches in diameter. 
The bolt pattern isn’t the only thing you need to know about your wheels to upgrade them. You’ll also need to know the stud size, wheel offset, center bore measurement, and torque specifications. Luckily, we’ve got all that information right here for you: 
  • Factory wheel size: 16”/17”/18”
  • Stud size: M12 x 1.5
  • Offset: -10 to 18 mm
  • Center bore: 93.1 mm
  • Wheel tightening torque: 135 Nm
It’s important to note that not all Ford Rangers have the same bolt pattern, stud size, etc, so even if you’ve had a different model, you need to be sure that you have all of this information for the model you currently own.
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How to measure your Ford Ranger’s bolt pattern

If you’re somebody who prefers to take matters into their own hands—and, owning a Ford Ranger means you probably are—it is very simple to check the bolt pattern yourself. All you need is a measuring tape or a ruler.
Then you can measure from the outer edge of the lug hole of one of the bolts to the center of the opposite bolt. This gives you your diameter and then it’s the even easier job of counting the bolts to complete the pattern.

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The bolt pattern on a 2021 Ranger is 6x5.5—meaning six bolts in a 5.5-inch diameter circle.
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