2017 Mercury 90hp 4-Stroke Engine Oil Capacity

We’ve got all the information and tips you’ll need regarding the oil capacity of your 2017 Mercury 90hp 4-Stroke.
Written by Claire Beaney
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Mercury's world-class technical team crammed great power into the lighter, more compact 2017 Mercury 90hp 4-Stroke engine. But to keep these engines operating at their best, you should know their engine oil capacity.
If you’re looking to cut costs on your 2017 Mercury 90hp 4-Stroke, one of the easiest methods is performing regular car maintenance and check-ups at home. Changing its oil is one way to save money—but you’ll need to know the right type and amount of oil to use on your engine.
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2017 Mercury 90hp 4-Stroke engine oil capacity 

First off, how much engine oil does a 2017 Mercury 90hp 4-Stoke engine need? 
Your Mercury has a 2.1-liter engine that can hold 3.17 liters of oil. Don't mix up the size of your
engine's displacement
(how much space its cylinders take up) with the amount of oil it can hold (how much oil is needed for each oil change). This can lead you to under-filling your engine, which is never ideal.
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What kind of oil does a 2017 Mercury 90hp 4-Stroke need?

Now that we have a better grasp on the engine and oil capacity, let’s cover the oil type that will work best. There are tons of different oils available in the stores, but don't worry—you only need to look for the SAE 10W-30 synthetic motor oil Mercury recommends.
Let's take a deeper look at this sort of oil. The "W" denotes winter, and the "10" denotes that this oil remains thin and fast-flowing even at extremely low temperatures. Lastly, the 30 following the "W" represents the oil's viscosity (or thickness) at average operating temperatures.
Essentially, you want an oil that is thin enough to flow effectively during a cold start-up while remaining thick enough to limit damage to the engine during everyday use. Remember to grab synthetic oil rather than conventional oil, per Mercury's recommendation.
If you're unsure where to begin, here are some specific recommendations:
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How often to change oil on a 2017 Mercury 90hp 4-Stroke

Now that you know everything you need about the amount and type of oil in your Mercury 90hp 4-Stroke, let's check if it's timt to change it!
Mercury recommends that you should change the oil every 100 hours of run time as part of your
basic car maintenance schedule
. However, if you don't drive often, you can change your oil every six months to keep your engine running properly and avoid sludge.
Check your oil level often (once per month or every other time you get gas) to make sure you change it when needed. Keep an eye out for these signs that it's time to change your oil:
  • The oil is a dark brown or black color
  • Strange sounds are coming from the engine.
  • Any new smells, especially those that smell like oil, smoke, or fire
  • Changes in how your car drives
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How to change your oil and oil filter

Before you
change the oil and filter
in your Mercury 90hp 4-Stroke, get everything you'll need. To remove the old oil filter, you'll need a socket wrench, a drain pan, and a filter wrench. Don't forget to change the filter and grab your high-quality 10W-30 engine oil!
Start the engine and let it run until it's warm. If the weather is typical, it should take about five minutes. After that, turn off the engine, open the hood, and do the following:
  • Take off the oil cap
  • Remove the oil drain bolt and washer from underneath the engine and pour the old oil into the drain pan
  • Remove the old oil filter and let the oil drain out
  • Replace the filter
  • Put the new washer on the oil drain bolt and tighten it to 29 lb-ft.
  • Put the fill cap back on and put the new oil in the engine
Use a dipstick to ensure you've put enough oil in the engine. After checking for leaks, let the car run for a few minutes. If you did everything right, the
oil pressure light
on your dashboard should turn off—and you are done!
Lastly, it's time to clean up! Don't throw the old oil away or pour it on the ground. Instead, put it in a container with a lid and bring it to a recycling center near you.

Don’t forget regular insurance policy maintenance

You should change the oil in your Mercury 90hp 4-Stroke regularly to keep it running well for years to come. DIY oil changes are a great way to save money on your car expenses.
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