How to Upgrade Your 2016 Mercedes C-Class Standard Sound System

Installing a new 2016 Mercedes C-Class Standard sound system is a serious upgrade for your driving experience—but it could also raise your insurance costs.
Written by Katherine Duffy
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
The 2016 Mercedes C-Class standard sound system is a 13-speaker Burmester Premium Surround Sound system. To bring this sound system from better to best, consider upgrading the speakers, subwoofer, and amplifier. 
The Mercedes C-Class is an undeniably luxurious ride that has been a staple in the Mercedes model class lineup since 1996. Its sporty look and feel, powerful engine, and cutting-edge technological features make this sedan a favorite for many. While its Burmester sound system delivers a powerful audio experience, there are many aftermarket parts you can invest in to take your Mercedes to the next level. 
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What kind of sound system does a 2016 Mercedes C-Class have? 

The standard 2016 Mercedes C-Class is outfitted with a 710-watt, 13-speaker Burmester Premium Surround Sound system. Mercedes equips many models with Burmester sound systems because of its reputation for excellent sound quality and longevity. 
Your 2016 Mercedes C-Class also features Bluetooth connectivity and access to Sirius XM radio to enhance your overall listening experience. 
While the Burmester sound system in your C-Class is top-notch as far as OEM sound systems go, there is always room for improvement. So if you’re interested in taking your listening experience to the next level, you’ll have to opt for upgrades to your audio system

How to upgrade a 2016 Mercedes C-Class standard sound system 

You’ll have to weigh in on potential upgrades to your subwoofer, speakers, and amplifier when considering how you’d like to upgrade your C-Class’s audio system. You may decide to upgrade just one of these components, or perhaps you’ll choose to upgrade all three. There’s no right or wrong—it totally depends on your goals and preferences! 

Start with speaker upgrades

The easiest way to upgrade your C-Class’s sound system is by starting with its Burmester speakers. 
Keep in mind that upgrading your audio system will cost you a large chunk of change. Unless you have experience removing and installing car sound systems, we suggest hiring a professional to do the job for you, especially when modifying a luxury vehicle like a C-Class. 
First, you’ll need to figure out if you’d like to replace all of the speakers or focus on one area, like the center dash or rear deck. You’ll also need to choose between upgrading with coaxial or component speakers. Coaxial speakers are more affordable and provide great overall range coverage, while component speakers enhance sound clarity and often deliver more volume. 
Aftermarket speaker upgrade options for a 2016 Mercedes C-Class include: 
There are fewer speaker upgrade options for a Mercedes C-Class than for mass-market vehicles, but this may be a blessing in disguise. You won’t have to wade through hundreds of options to find what you need.

Pump up the bass with a subwoofer

The next component you should consider upgrading is your subwoofer—a critical part of your audio that enhances its bass. The 2016 Mercedes C-Class has ample space underneath the seats or in the trunk for a sizable subwoofer. Here are a few aftermarket upgrade options: 

What’s the difference between a 4-ohm subwoofer and a 2-ohm sub? 

When you’re comparing the many subwoofer options, you might wonder whether  4-ohm is better than 2-ohm. The answer to this question relies entirely on your taste. What we can tell you is that you’ll get a louder, punchier sound with a 2-ohm sub, and a deeper, clearer sound with 4 ohms. 

Boost the power with an amplifier 

Finally, once you’ve picked out new speakers or a subwoofer (or even both), it’s time to decide on the last essential piece of your upgraded sound system—the amplifier. 
A good quality amplifier will boost the power available to your sound system, making your listening experience much better. Your tunes will be noticeably louder and clearer.  Here are a few different options to consider: 

How to protect your Mercedes C-Class sound system—and save on insurance!

One of the only drawbacks of upgrading your C-Class’s sound system is that it could cause your insurance premium to rise. Typically, your insurance policy only covers your vehicle’s factory equipment. Aftermarket upgrades are not included. 
Some insurance companies offer special
sound system coverage
to protect those valuable new parts. Unfortunately, adding sound system insurance to your policy will raise your rate. You will also want to ensure that
comprehensive coverage
is a part of your car insurance policy. With that new system, your Mercedes is more of a theft risk and you want your car covered if the unthinkable happens. 
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The kind of sound system outfitted in a particular Mercedes depends on its model and manufacture year. Most Mercedes feature either Burmester or Harman Kardon sound systems, although Mercedes is known to be an innovative auto manufacturer that delivers quality performance and sound.
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