What To Do If Your 2014 Toyota Corolla Won’t Open

A common issue with Toyota Corollas is a malfunctioning trunk latch—which could be why your 2014 Corolla won’t open.
Written by Abbey Orzech
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
If you’re dealing with a 2014 Toyota Corolla trunk that won’t open, it may be because of a malfunctioning trunk latch. Other possible causes are a damaged key fob, an electrical malfunction, or an accidentally-activated valet mode.  
The trunk of your car is an important feature if you store or move anything using your vehicle. So what are you supposed to do when the trunk refuses to open? How will you get all your dirty laundry to your parent's house or bring home the weekly groceries? 
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What to do if your 2014 Toyota Corolla trunk won’t open

An unmoving trunk may trigger an instinct to call in a service request at a nearby Toyota dealership, but before you head down that (often expensive) route, try troubleshooting at home. 

Most common cause: malfunctioning trunk latch

The Toyota Corolla is a well-known and well-loved vehicle that, unfortunately, has some trunk latching issues. Of course, you’re not guaranteed to run into this problem just because you have a Toyota Corolla, but it’s certainly not uncommon for Corolla owners. 
Whether from a rear-end collision or simply slamming the trunk too hard, it’s possible the trunk latch became misaligned or damaged. Pressing your trunk release button may not move the latch enough to release the trunk lid. 
If you feel comfortable making mechanical repairs on your vehicle, you can realign or replace the latch at home. If not, schedule a repair service at your local Toyota dealership. 

Other possible causes

Maybe your trunk release latch is just fine and the reason you can’t open your trunk stems from a different issue like incorrect electrical wiring or the valet mode is active. Below are some other possible causes of a non-opening trunk:
  • Broken key fob: Your key fob batteries could be dead or the fob itself may be malfunctioning. If the trunk release lever near the floor of the driver’s seat opens the trunk, your key fob is the problem.
  • Faulty door switch: If your key fob button works but the release lever inside your vehicle doesn’t, you could be dealing with a broken door switch.
  • Electrical malfunction: Electrical issues causing your trunk not to open could stem from a blown fuse, a faulty wiring harness, or incorrect wire connections.
  • Valet mode: Valet mode is a security measure that prevents access to your trunk when you turn the key counterclockwise after shutting the trunk. 
If the issue is the activated valet mode, turning the lock clockwise until you hear a click, then returning the lock to its center position should fix the problem. However, if your trunk won’t open for any of these other reasons, you may need the help of a Toyota dealership and technician.
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How to manually open a 2014 Toyota Corolla trunk

Troubles with your car trunk may be able to wait until you get to your dealership appointment…but sometimes you need trunk access right now! Happily, there are ways to open a 2014 Toyota Corolla trunk manually. 
The best way to get inside your trunk again will be to fold down the rear seats and pull the release lever hanging inside the trunk compartment. It should glow in the dark so you can see it more easily. 
If you’re unable to fold the rear seats down or for whatever reason, the trunk’s release cable doesn’t work, you may need to call in a locksmith. Their tools and expertise should be able to open your trunk, but we must mention that this route can cost you around $150—which might still be cheaper than the dealership! 

Cost of trunk repair for 2014 Toyota Corolla 

How much you’ll pay to repair your 2014 Toyota Corolla trunk depends heavily upon the exact issue. 
If you’re dealing with the dreaded malfunctioning Corolla trunk latch, a trunk latch release cable replacement can cost around $200 for the new part and labor. A trunk lock actuator replacement will land around the same price. But remember that where you purchase the part and who does the repairs will also impact your final bill. 
Now, if your trunk repair involves an entire trunk lid replacement, you’ll have to fork over a bit more money. A new Toyota trunk lid can easily run you over $300, which doesn’t even include the price of the installation!
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