2014 Ford Fusion 2.5-Liter Engine Oil Capacity

The 2014 Ford Fusion 2.5-liter engine has an oil capacity of 5.7 quarts. You can use a fully synthetic or a synthetic oil blend in your Fusion. Read on for more.
Written by Mary Cahill
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
The 2014 Ford Fusion has several engine options that call for slightly different engine oil capacities. If you’re driving the 2014 Fusion with a 2.5-liter engine, the engine oil capacity is 5.7 quarts.
Knowing how much oil your engine calls for is a key part of keeping your vehicle properly maintained. If you own a 2014 Ford Fusion, you know that it's a great choice for everyday driving thanks to its easy handling, good fuel economy, and range of safety features. But if you’re interested in performing your own scheduled maintenance—like changing the oil—you’ll need to know exactly how much oil to put in your engine. 
The best source of information about your 2014 Ford Fusion’s engine oil capacity can be found in your owner’s manual, but if you can’t find it—don’t worry!
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2014 Ford Fusion 2.5-liter engine oil capacity

The first thing you need to know about your Ford Fusion’s engine is the oil capacity. As we mentioned, the Ford Fusion offers a variety of engine options, but we’re going to focus on the 2.5-liter engine version—which has an engine oil capacity of 5.7 quarts.   
It’s important not to confuse the engine displacement—that’s the 2.5-liter volume taken up by the engine’s four cylinders—as the engine oil capacity. 

What kind of oil does a 2014 Ford Fusion 2.5-liter need?

Once you know how much oil to put in your 2014 Fusion, you need to ensure you use the right kind.
The owner's manual for the 2014 Ford Fusion recommends that you fill your 2.5-liter engine with
Motorcraft® SAE 5W-20 Premium Synthetic Blend Motor Oil
Unsure what those letters and numbers on the label mean? To start, SAE refers to the Society of Automotive Engineers, which is the organization responsible for developing the oil viscosity classification system. Viscosity is another way of saying how thick the engine oil is. 
The number 5 represents a low viscosity oil, and the W stands for winter. 5W oil can flow through a car’s engine in freezing temperatures. The 20 indicates that the oil is thin enough to sustain very hot temperatures as well.
Synthetic blend oil is a mixture of conventional and synthetic motor oils, which provides more protection for your engine than if you used fully conventional oil. 
Jerry sends free alerts to keep your car up-to-date so you can avoid costly repairs
* checking your rate won’t affect your credit score
Get ahead of my car maintenance
* checking your rate won’t affect your credit score

How often to change the oil on a 2014 Ford Fusion 2.5-liter engine

Your owner’s manual will specify how long you should go between oil changes. Again, if you don’t have your manual handy it’s quite all right! You should change the oil on your 2014 Ford Fusion every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. 
This interval is directly related to vehicles that use conventional or synthetic blend engine oil. If you opt for the AMSOIL OE 5W-30 full synthetic oil, you could stretch the interval to every 7,500 to 10,000 miles. Synthetic oil is widely known to last longer in the engine than a blend of conventional oil.
Either way, check your oil regularly. Clean motor oil is amber-colored and darkens as it gets dirty. If you observe that your oil is gritty or dark brown like the color of cola, it’s time to change it. 
Also, pay attention to your car’s performance. Is the engine getting loud, lagging, or jerky? Do you smell burning or smoke when you drive?
Unfamiliar changes like these are your car’s way of telling you it needs maintenance. You should always address maintenance issues right away to avoid bigger problems down the line. 

How to change your oil and oil filter

Now that you have all this info under your belt are you ready to change the oil? To start, park your car on a level surface and gather the following supplies:
  • Rubber or latex gloves
  • Car jack and jack stands
  • Ratchet and 15mm socket 
  • Oil filter wrench
  • Oil funnel
  • Oil drain pan
  • Oil filter 
  • 5W-20 motor oil 
Once you’ve positioned your car on the jack stands, run the engine for about five minutes to warm up the oil. Then, follow these steps:
  • Locate your oil pan and oil drain plug underneath the vehicle. Loosen the plug with your 15mm socket and remove it manually. Let the oil drain into the oil drain pan. 
  • The oil filter housing cap is located beside the engine oil. Unscrew the cap using your wrench, and remove it manually. Let the oil drain into the drain pan. 
  • Put a coat of fresh oil on the seal of your new oil filter before installing it by hand to help it seal better. 
  • Tighten your oil drain plug with the socket, taking care not to overtighten
  • Fill your engine with oil, checking the level periodically. 
After changing your oil, it’s a good idea to turn on your car and let your engine run for about 30 seconds before you check the oil level. This will give you a more accurate measurement, and you’ll be able to top it off if necessary.
You’re done! All you need to do at this point is run your Fusion for a few minutes to check for any leaks and reset your oil change indicator dashboard light
Here’s how you do it:
  • On your digital dash menu: go to settings 
  • Select "vehicle"
  • Then select oil life reset to reset your computer’s oil life monitor.  

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