How to Replace Power Steering Fluid For a 2013 Ford Escape

A 2013 Ford Escape has an electric power steering system instead of a hydraulic one—it doesn’t need a power steering fluid replacement.
Written by Elaine Yang
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Updated on Dec 19, 2022
Since your 2013 Ford Escape has an electric power steering system (EPS) rather than the typical hydraulic power steering system, you don’t need to replace its power steering fluid. In fact, it doesn’t even use power steering fluid at all!
In the past, your vehicle likely operated with a hydraulic power steering system whose fluid needed to be replaced periodically. If not, your wheel would feel difficult to turn or make screeching noises.
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How do I replace my 2013 Ford Escape’s power steering fluid?

Ordinarily, if your vehicle had a hydraulic system, you would replace the power steering fluid by finding the reservoir, inserting a pump to siphon out the old fluid, and refilling the reservoir with fresh power steering fluid. 
Some extra steps for a complete flush would include disconnecting the fluid line and draining the system completely by turning the wheel back and forth. 
With an electric power steering system, power steering fluid isn’t used to assist with driving. Rather, an electric motor is used to help the driver turn the wheel. 
This way, there’s no need to worry about leaks or old power steering fluid—which results in improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions. In addition, this system is more reliable as there are fewer chances of system failure. 
However, there is still a major disadvantage to electronic power steering systems—they’re more expensive to repair when issues do arise. If you’re having issues with your Ford Escape’s power steering system, you should
take your vehicle to a mechanic

Should I change it myself or take it to a mechanic?

With an electric power steering system, if you’re having steering issues, it’s likely that your Ford is having deeper problems—think control unit issues, malfunctioning sensors, failure of the electric motor, and more. 
Since these are typically pretty serious and may require a proper diagnostic test of the vehicle, we recommend that you take your Ford Escape to the mechanic as soon as possible
Fixing these issues may involve checking your 2013 Ford Escape’s wiring and other more intensive solutions, so doing an at-home fix isn’t the best idea unless you’re experienced with cars. 
When you bring your Ford into the mechanic with an electric power steering issue, you’re going to be looking at a heftier price tag. 
The most common reason for an electric power steering system’s failure is the failure of the electric motor, and its replacement can set you back anywhere from $350 to $500. If you're having issues with error codes, sensors, and malfunctions, you might be looking at a bill between $200 and $300.
However, the main takeaway is this—bringing your Ford to the mechanic will ensure that the issue is resolved and the repairs are done properly. 

Which power steering fluid is best for a 2013 Ford Escape?

Since your 2013 Ford uses an electric power steering system, you don’t need to worry about buying power steering fluid! 

When do I need to replace my 2013 Ford Escape’s power steering fluid?

While you don’t need to replace your 2013 Ford Escape’s power steering fluid, there are some power steering warning signs you should be on the lookout for: 
  • Your EPS warning light has turned on
  • Loss of power assist
  • The vehicle is drifting off in one direction
  • Strange noises
    from the power steering motor
  • Vibrations coming from the steering rack
If you begin to experience any of these signs, you should pull your vehicle off to the side of the road and call for roadside assistance. Attempting to drive with any of these symptoms is dangerous to yourself and others on the road. 

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