2013 Ford Escape Battery

The standard battery in a 2013 Ford Escape can typically last three to five years and should be examined regularly to determine its effectiveness.
Written by Abbey Orzech
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
The battery that comes standard in the 2013 Ford Escape has an average running life of three to five years and belongs in battery group 96R. 
Maintaining good driving habits and seeking out regular battery examinations can help to ensure the longevity of your Ford Escape’s battery. But we get it, sometimes you accidentally leave the interior lights on or you crank the AC on a hot day without the engine running. When you’re dealing with a dead or dying car battery, it’s helpful to know your specific battery specifications. 
, the
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How big is a 2013 Ford Escape battery? 

The battery of a 2013 Ford Escape falls into battery group 96R. If you’re unfamiliar with battery groupings, they are alphanumeric codes that denote that group of batteries’ dimensions. The Ford Escape weaves in and out of three battery groups (T4, 96R, and H6) depending on the model year. 
The 96R grouping, like the one claiming the 2013 Escape’s battery, has the following dimensions:
  • (L x W x H) 9 9/16’’ x 6 13/16’’ x 6 7/8'’ or 
  • (L x W x H) 24.2 cm x 17.3 cm x 17.5 cm
If you wish to speed the process along, bring either the battery group code or the above specifications with you when you purchase a new car battery.

How long does the 2013 Ford Escape battery last?

The standard vehicle battery lifespan is three to five years on average and the 2013 Ford Escape’s battery is no exception. 
Not every battery is guaranteed to last the full three to five years, though. The timeline for your battery’s lifespan will depend on things like your area’s climate, your driving habits, and the type of battery installed in your vehicle. 
High-performance batteries, for example, may last you a bit longer than standard batteries. And generally, climates with extreme heat and/or extreme cold can wear out your battery faster than parts of the world with milder temperatures.

How to prolong the life of your 2013 Ford Escape battery 

Car batteries are not exactly inexpensive and the hassle of replacing them alone may be enough to send you looking for ways to extend the life of your battery. To get the most out of your 2013 Ford Escape battery, keep these good battery habits in mind:
  • Keep the battery tightly fastened: Connections can come loose and battery components can rattle around with vehicle vibrations
  • Clean away any corrosion: It’s not uncommon for battery fluid or other fluids to leak onto and damage the battery terminals
  • Keep the battery away from temperature extremes: Store your car in the garage or otherwise indoors whenever possible 
  • Start the engine often: When vehicles are left off for long periods of time, the battery can suffer 
  • Get your battery tested: Make it a habit to get your battery tested when you go in for an oil change to regularly keep track of its effectiveness
No vehicle battery can (yet) last forever, but there are certainly ways to take care of your car’s current power source and prolong its usefulness. 
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How to tell when your 2013 Ford Escape battery is failing?

We’ve come to peace knowing that, eventually, your Ford Escape’s battery will one day turn your car’s systems on for the last time. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait for it to inconveniently die as you’re leaving to pick up that take-out order you’ve been thinking about all day. 
Keep your senses out for these signs of a bad battery so you’re not blindsided:
  • Slow engine start-up 
  • Heavy corrosion on the battery cables and connectors
  • Clicking sounds when starting your engine 
  • Any lights out 
  • Illuminated
    check engine light
  • OBD (onboard diagnostics) alerts of low battery fluid levels or similar
Once you begin to notice a sluggish engine start-up or significantly dimmed interior lighting, it may be time to replace your battery. 
Typically, a
battery replacement costs
between $50 and $150 but exactly how much you’ll be paying depends on the brand of battery you need and who is doing the replacement. You’ll need to factor in labor costs if you want a mechanic to do it, but if you feel comfortable doing it at home (and please make sure you feel comfortable doing it at home) you could save some money! 

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