How to Pick the Right 2005 Toyota Tundra Rear Differential Fluid

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Changing your 2005 Toyota Tundra’s rear differential fluid isn’t a very difficult process, but it can be time-consuming. Be sure to buy a synthetic 75w-90 GL-5 rear differential fluid—preferably the one produced by Mobil 1—loosen and remove the differential fill hole plug before fully draining the old fluid.
Though you may not know what it does, your Toyota’s rear differential fluid plays an integral role in keeping your rear wheels running smoothly, while also helping to keep the axle properly lubricated. Ultimately, this makes it much easier—and safer—to navigate slippery road conditions or rough, uneven terrain.
But if you’ve never changed your vehicle’s rear differential fluid before, don’t worry—licensed car insurance comparison app and broker Jerry has compiled this guide detailing everything you need to know about buying, using, and changing the 2005 Toyota Tundra’s rear differential fluid.
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What is rear differential fluid–and why does your Toyota need it?

So what exactly is rear differential fluid in the first place? What purpose does it serve for your Toyota, and why does it need to be replaced?
At its core, rear differential fluid can be described as a type of engine oil that lubricates the rear axle of the vehicle and helps your Toyota run smoothly. Even more importantly, however, rear differential fluid allows your rear wheels to rotate at different speeds by supplying different levels of torque.
Of course, if you only ever drive in urban areas or on the highway, that may not sound so important—but when navigating slippery situations, cruising rugged terrain, or driving off-road, rear differential fluid makes all the difference.

The best 2005 Toyota Tundra rear differential fluid

Now that we’ve established what rear differential fluid is, let’s break down which is best for your 2005 Toyota Tundra. If you’re looking for the absolute best rear differential fluid for a 2005 Toyota Tundra, you’ll want to go with the Mobil 1 Synthetic Gear Lube LS 75w-90.
But if you can’t find this specific brand, don’t worry—any synthetic rear differential fluid with the same weight and viscosity rating will do the job. As long as it’s marked “70w-90” it’ll be the right consistency for your vehicle, while “GL-5” simply indicates the level of sulfur-based additives in the fluid. Check the following alternative options if Mobil’s isn’t available.
  • ACDelco® GM Original Equipment™ SAE 75W-90 Synthetic API GL-5 Differential Fluid
  • Eneos® SAE 75W-90 API GL-5 Gear Oil
  • ACDelco® GM Original Equipment™ SAE 75W-90 Synthetic API GL-5/Dexron LS Gear Oil

How often to change 2005 Toyota Tundra rear differential fluid

Since the rear differential fluid doesn’t need to work as hard as, say, your Tundra’s motor oil, it can be easy to forget about—in fact, your owner’s manual might not even include specific intervals at which it needs to be changed. Fortunately, there are a few telltale signs that may indicate it’s time for a rear differential fluid replacement, including:
  • Unusual vibrations while driving
  • A burning smell emanating from the rear gearbox
  • Howling, whirring, or straining noises from the engine
Of course, you can always make it easier on yourself and change your Toyota’s rear differential fluid every 30, 000 to 50,000 miles. For a 2005 Tundra, in particular, Toyota recommends replacing the rear differential fluid closer to the 30,000 mark—but there are a few conditions that may require it to be changed sooner: 
  1. If you regularly drive your Toyota on dusty or dirt roads or go off-roading.
  2. If you start to notice any of the symptoms listed above before reaching the 30,000 miles mark, it’s better to stay on the safe side and change the fluid sooner rather than later 

How to change your Toyota’s rear differential fluid

Before changing your 2005 Toyota Tundra’s rear differential fluid, consult your owner’s manual to verify the exact specifications for your vehicle and gather the following tools:
  • Drain pan
  • Fluid transfer pump
  • Carjack and jack stands
  • Socket wrench set and ratchet
  • Wire brush
Step 1: Use the carjack to raise your vehicle, making sure it is resting solidly on the jack stands before continuing. Loosen the differential’s fill hole bolt with a socket wrench.
Step 2: Place the oil catch pan underneath the rear differential’s drain bolt/drain plug.
Step 3: Use a wrench to loosen the drain bolt. Allow the rear differential fluid to drain out, giving it ample time to ensure it drains properly.
Step 4: Clean the drain bolt with a wire brush and place the bolt in a secure location to avoid losing it.
Step 5: Use the carjack to lift the car higher and allow all of the remaining fluid to drain out. Once the fluid has drained completely, replace the drain plug and tighten it with a wrench.
Step 6: Remove the differential’s fill hole bolt that you loosened earlier and use the fluid transfer pump to add differential fluid until it starts coming out of the fill hole. Replace the fill hole bolt and tighten it with a ratchet.
Congratulations! You have now successfully replaced your 2005 Toyota Tundra’s rear differential fluid.

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