What Does the Engine Code P2610 Mean?

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A P2610 happens when your vehicle detects a problem with the ECM or PCM engine off-timer—meaning these systems can no longer tell how long the engine has been turned off. While not dangerous, a P2610 code will cause you to fail an emissions test.
Your vehicle uses diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) to warn you of engine troubles. An OBD-II code reader can tell you what a code means—but it can’t identify the source. Getting to the root cause of a DTC will usually require a few tests.
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What does the engine code P2610 mean?

Definition: ECM/PCM internal engine off time performance 
Once driving stops, most vehicles rely on an internal timer to detect how long the engine has been turned off. If this timer fails two cycles in a row, you will be greeted with the P2610 engine code.
The P2610 engine code won’t cause any damage to your vehicle, but it will prevent it from running several internal tests—such as tests of the emissions cycle.

How much will it cost to fix?

To repair a P2610 engine code, most auto shops will charge between $75 to $150

What can cause the P2610 engine code?

There are various reasons for a P2610 engine code to display, the cause is usually a problem with the PCM or ECM systems, such as:
  • Faulty ECM or PCM
  • ECM or PCM is unable to read the engine timer two cycles in a row
  • ECM or PCM cannot detect the engine off time during programming
  • Outdated programming
  • ECM or PCM harness is open or snorted
  • ECM or PCM has a poor electrical connection

Common symptoms of the P2610 engine code

You should notice your check engine light turn on after receiving a P2610. Additional symptoms are:
  • Inability to clear internal emission monitors
  • Failure of emissions testing
Ultimately, a P2610 code won’t usually affect how your car drives, which is why knowing the exact code is vital for identifying this type of issue.

How serious is the P2610 engine code? 

The chances of a P2610 endangering the driver are quite low—but even so, this is not an alert that should be ignored. 
A faulty engine off-timer will cause you to fail an emissions test, which could affect your ability to drive legally in certain states.

Can I fix the P2610 engine code myself?

To diagnose a P2610 engine code, you’ll need to know a bit about how engines are programmed—meaning it’s a job best left to a professional. To diagnose the code, a mechanic will complete the following steps:
  • Scan and document the codes in the ECM or PCM memory
  • Check manufacturing bulletins to see if reprogramming is needed
  • Clear the code and see if off timer failure happens after two cycles
  • Test the key power source of ECM/PCM
After diagnoses, your mechanic can fix the issue by replacing the necessary parts, rewiring broken connections, or reprogramming the system back to its proper functioning.

Common mistakes when inspecting a P2610 code

Diagnosing the source of a P2610 requires lots of technical know-how and far-sighted planning. Here are some common mistakes one might make:
  • Clearing the ECM or PCM memory before checking the code
  • Incorrect diagnosis before replacing parts
  • Failure to check manufacturer bulletin for reprogramming alerts

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