What Does the Engine Code P0202 Mean?

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If you see engine code P0202 flash, that means there’s a problem with cylinder 2 of your injector circuit. In most cases, the cylinder doesn’t have the necessary voltage or resistance to operate properly. While it doesn’t pose a major threat, your car may have problems starting or it might stall awkwardly.  
Diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) identify specific issues or ailments with your vehicle’s engine. Most of the time, you’ll know if something is wrong with your car. But if you get an irritating warning light, and have an OBD-II code reader, you can identify the problem a little bit quicker. And that could save you time and money! 
Here at car insurance comparison service and app Jerry, we’ve compiled some of the most common DTCs and put together guides on how to approach them. Here’s the scoop on what to do if you pick up a P0202 code. 
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What does the engine code P0202 mean?

Definition: Injector circuit malfunction in cylinder 2
The P202 engine code indicates that there’s a problem with the second cylinder of the injector circuit. Usually, it’s a change in voltage or resistance that is altering the correct amount of electricity being sent to the engine.

How much will it cost to fix? 

It should only take about one hour of labor to diagnose the problem if you report a P0202 code. Replacing or fixing the necessary parts doesn’t tend to cost too much. Costs vary depending on your vehicle, its make, and how old it is, but you typically won’t spend more than $150 to get everything sorted.

What can cause the P0202 engine code?

A P0202 engine code typically responds to a change in voltage or resistance at cylinder two of the injector circuit. 
Voltage usually changes when there’s some sort of damage to the harness which straps the cylinder in place. A harness is a complicated-looking piece of wiring that holds everything together in your vehicle’s injector circuit. When it’s broken or knocked out of place, cylinder two can misfire or receive less power than it needs to function. 
But a harness breakage isn’t the only reason cylinder 2 can break. It can also occur when your vehicle has: 
  • A faulty fuel injector 2 
  • Poor electrical connecting to fuel injector 3

Common symptoms of the P0202 engine code

Other than an engine warning light, it’s not always easy to tell if there’s a problem with cylinder 2 of your injector circuit. However, some more general symptoms could point towards a P0202 code, including:
  • Lack or loss of power 
  • The engine may be harder to start 
  • Engine hesitation
In some cars, an engine fail safe might act and the vehicle might not start at all. While that often speaks to an issue with the ignition itself—or a larger problem with the engine—it’s also possible that cylinder 2 could be malfunctioning. Regardless, you shouldn’t rule out any possibility, and always get your car checked out if you suspect something is wrong

How serious is the P0202 engine code? 

A P0202 engine code likely won’t put you in immediate danger. Don’t worry, your car (probably) won’t blow up. The good news about P0202 codes is that they typically only lead to relatively minor issues, such as the occasional stall or your engine taking a little longer to start than usual. 
However, whenever you see a warning light, you should act as promptly as you can. Car problems can add up over time, and an irritating stall can become a serious engine failure if you leave it too long. It’s very important not to put too much stress on your car’s engine, especially if you’re driving a slightly older vehicle with some janky parts.

Can I fix the P0202 engine code myself?

An injector circuit problem, in general, can be fairly difficult to diagnose. It can get even more complicated when there’s a problem with cylinder 2, as it’s a rather specific ailment. So, fixing it yourself probably isn’t the most prudent idea. If you’re not a trained mechanic, it might be better to leave it to the pros. 
That said, it can be helpful to know your engine codes, especially so you can react in a prompt and safe manner when a warning light pops up! It might also speed up the process for the mechanic while you’re getting your car repaired.

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