What Does the Engine Code P0700 Mean?

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If your car is showing the P0700 engine code, it means you may be having issues with your car’s transmission control system. You must get it checked as soon as possible as it can pose a severe safety risk for you and your vehicle.
If your car ever has issues, it will tell you by sending out signals known as diagnostic trouble codes (DTC). These codes are then decoded through an OBD-II reader, which translates them so you know what the issue is. Knowing these codes can help you evaluate, assess, and properly repair any issues.
Here, the car insurance broker app Jerry is breaking down everything you need to know about a P0700 engine code—from what it means to how serious it is and what you can do to fix it.
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What does the engine code P0700 mean?

Definition: Transmission control system malfunction
The P0700 engine code dictates an error or malfunction within your car’s transmission control module (TCM). The TCM is what monitors and keeps track of any malfunctions regarding your car’s sensors and actuator.

How much will it cost to fix?

The cost to repair this issue will depend on your car’s make and model. However, the average cost to replace your car’s TCM is $500 to $900.
Labour typically costs $75 to $150 per hour, while the part itself ranges from about $450 to $700.

What can cause the P0700 code?

If your car is showing the P0700 engine code, the chances are that it has to do with a shortened or open circuit within your car’s TCM or a faulty TCM. 

Common symptoms of P0700 engine code

You may not notice any symptoms aside from the service engine light being on. Other indicators of a problem with your TCM include:
  • Unpredictable shifting
  • Problems shifting into higher gears
  • Problems downshifting
  • Stuck in the same gear
If your car’s TCM isn’t properly functioning, it could pose a severe safety hazard for you and your valuables. If you notice the check engine light or other symptoms, it’s important to get your car checked as soon as you can to avoid further potential problems and damage.

How serious is the P0700 engine code?

Because it affects your car’s driveability—and your safety behind the wheel—it’s crucial that the moment you see the engine code, you get it checked. Ignoring the service light could lead to larger issues with your car’s gear transmission.
Keep in mind that since this is a serious issue, you should avoid driving your vehicle until you get the problem solved. Driving your car when there is a transmission can be a significant safety risk.

Can I fix the P0700 engine code myself?

If your TCM needs replacement, this is a service best left to a professional. 

Replacing the transmission control module

Take your car to a reputable mechanic and have them perform the necessary work. They will likely inspect the TCM and look for any additional codes that can indicate further issues.
Since you typically can’t repair TCMs, your mechanic will replace the old TCM with a new, working one.

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