How to Get Cash for Junk Cars in Stockton

You can sell your junk car for cash in Stockton at the Clunker Junker, Junk Car Medics, or Pick-n-Pull.
Written by Tiffany Leung
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Getting rid of an old car you never plan to drive again doesn’t have to be complicated—you can sell it to a salvage yard for cash and let them handle the removal. Here’s where to sell a junk car in
: Junk Car Medics, Clunker Junker, and Pick-n-Pull.
When a car has sentimental value, it can become extremely difficult to get rid of—however, keeping a non-working car is counter-productive if it is taking up precious driveway space. A simple way to offload a car in California without the burden of towing fees is to sell it to a salvage yard or auto recycler. 
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What qualifies as a junk car?

The definition of a junk car can be very different depending on who you talk to. You may think your beat-up first car is a treasure, while others are convinced it’s trash. 
When determining if your car should be discarded, here’s a more objective definition of a junk car:
  • The car is no longer in working condition
  • The resale value is $500 or below
  • The car is left in one spot permanently
  • Necessary
    car repairs
    would cost more than what the car is worth 
If keeping a car is becoming a financial burden, then selling it may be your best course of action—and you can earn some cash in the process!

How to sell a junk car

To make the process of selling your junk car less stressful, do your research and make the necessary preparations. Below is a general outline of what you can do to get the most value from your junk car.
1. Gather available car documents. In some states, you can sell a junk car without a
. Depending on the buyer, you may be able to get away without one, but it is best to have it. In
, you must have your title before selling your junk car. If you’ve lost or damaged the title, you will need to
replace it
at the DMV.
2. Find trusted junkyards or buyers. Dealing with an honest salvage yard will greatly improve your selling experience. Look for somewhere that has a valid license, good reviews, and a certified scale. You’ll be more likely to be offered a fair value for your car. If you’re looking for a private buyer, list your vehicle on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or local classifieds.
3. Clean out the car. Important documents or personal items in the car should be removed as soon as possible—or you could lose them forever when the car is sold. Check the car thoroughly and clean up the interior before getting it towed away.
4. Remove the license plates and non-metal components. The salvage yard may ask you to remove your
California license plate
from the vehicle and dispose of it (or return it to the DMV) yourself. Some salvage yards will only take metal too, so you may need to remove any upholstery or non-metal components.
5. Take out working parts. Functioning parts may still have a resale value. You can try salvaging them before your car gets picked up and sell them separately.
6. Sign over the title. Some states will require you to sign the title over to the new car owner—this includes California. If you lost your title, you will need to get a replacement.
7. Cancel your insurance. You can cancel your car insurance after the car is removed. However, new car insurance will be needed if you buy another car. Shop for insurance quickly and easily—and get a great deal in the process—by using the
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Where to sell a junk car in Stockton

A Google search for “where to sell my junk car in Stockton” may be the fastest way to find a place to get rid of your car, but the results don’t filter out questionable businesses. Below are a few trusted companies in Stockton to get you started.

The Clunker Junker

Address:Stockton, CA 95201
Phone number: (888) 383-4181
BBB rating: A+ 
The Clunker Junker
will offer cash for a variety of junk vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, and trucks. Get an instant cash quote by filling out their online questionnaire and free towing service for your car if you accept their offer. You may be able to sell your car without a title, but it is best to contact the company to verify.

Junk Car Medics

Address: Stockton, CA 95201
Phone number: (855) 587-0227
BBB rating: A+ 
Selling your junk car to
Junk Car Medics
is a hassle-free process—you can get a free, no-obligation quote online before approaching them in person. If you like the quote, a representative will contact you and arrange to tow your car free of charge. On towing day, you just need to sign over the title, hand them the keys, and take your cash.

Pick-n-Pull Stockton

Address: 3927 Clark Drive, Stockton, CA 95215
Phone number: (866) 520-9750
BBB rating: N/A (3.9/5.0 on Google)
is a nationwide junkyard and self-service auto parts store that first opened in Stockton in 1987. You can contact Pick-n-Pull to get a no-obligation quote for your junk car. If you accept the offer, the store will set up a towing date that’s convenient for you.

How to find affordable car insurance in Stockton

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