How to Get Cash for Junk Cars in Honolulu

If you have a junk car to get rid of, call one of Honolulu’s scrappers, junkyards, or car recycling services.
Written by Mary Alice Morris
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
If you’ve got a rundown old car just taking up space or a totaled vehicle that you’re not going to fix up, you can get cash for junk cars in Honolulu. Companies like Oahu Used Auto Parts & Recycling, The Clunker Junker, Auto Recycling Corporation, and Cash for Cars will remove the vehicle and pay you for it on the spot. 
One of the easiest ways to get rid of an unwanted car in Hawaii is by calling someone who pulls parts or recycles old cars, and there are several area businesses to choose from. They often aren’t picky about what condition the car is in, as long as the debris has been removed and you can sign over the title. 
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What qualifies as a junk car?

Not every car is suitable to sell as a junk car. If you have an older car that’s still in good condition, it’s worth considering a
private sale or trade-in
before junking it. However, if you have a car that’s too beat up to drive or not worth fixing, it might be time to let it go.
Your car might be a junk vehicle if it is:
  • Sitting in a permanent parking spot
  • Won’t run without significant or costly repairs
  • Going to cost more to fix it than the vehicle is worth
  • Worth $500 or less
That means if you have a collectible
classic car
, you should research first to see what it would be worth after repairs. Does its potential worth exceed the cost to fix it up? If so, it might not be a junker. Be aware of your
used car's retail value
before you have someone tow it off.
If you’re absolutely certain your car is destined for the junkyard, read on for how to get rid of it.

How to sell a junk car

When you’re ready to sell your junk car in Honolulu, make sure to follow these steps:
1. Get your paperwork together. It’s possible to sell a car without a
certificate of title
in Hawaii, but it’s best if you have your title and paperwork together before the sale, so that once you transfer ownership, you won’t be the owner of record anymore.
2. Find a buyer. You have a lot of options for selling junk cars in Hawaii, but you want to make sure your buyer is reputable and licensed. Check out their customer reviews and ratings if possible before you make a deal.
3. Tidy up. If you’re selling a car for scrap or recycling, it doesn't have to be spotless, but it should be cleaned out. That means removing any debris or possessions left in the vehicle before it’s picked up. Otherwise, the buyer might refuse it outright. Check the trunk, consoles, and storage pockets before the car is gone.
4. Remove your license plates. Take them off your car before it’s picked up, and if applicable, transfer them to your new car. They do not need to be returned to the Department of Motor Vehicles. 
5. Check for valuable parts. Even on a junk car, there may be some valuable parts that could be used to repair another vehicle, and they could be worth a decent amount of money. Before you have a buyer appraise your car, remove any parts you’d like to try to sell to a used parts dealer. Also, be sure to inform any potential buyers of the parts that were taken. 
6. Sign the title. You can sign the title in front of a notary public, but if that’s not possible, then make sure to be with the buyer at the time of transfer for you both to sign. 
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Where to sell your junk car in Honolulu

Once you’re ready to sell, you just need to pick your buyer! Here are a few area businesses that will pay you for junk cars in or near Honolulu:

Oahu Used Auto Parts & Recycling 

Address: 94-223 Leonui Street, Waipahu, HI 
Phone number: (808) 853-4315
BBB rating: B-
Oahu Used Auto Parts & Recycling advertises that they will pay up to $300 for unwanted vehicles, so this option is best reserved for cars of seriously low value. 

The Clunker Junker

Address: Honolulu, HI
Phone number: (888) 383-4181
BBB rating: A+ 
The Clunker Junker
is a national corporation that buys vehicles in many major U.S. cities. They tow away your old car for no cost and will pay cash then and there. They also pride themselves on being prompt, indicating that often, though not always, they can pick up your old car the same day you call. 

Auto Recycling Corporation

Address: 1045 Makepono Street, Honolulu, HI
Phone number: (808) 841-7872
BBB rating: A+ 
Auto Recycling Corporation
is a small, family-owned Honolulu business that dedicates itself to “taking the junk out of the junkyard.” They will tow away your vehicle, remove and sell usable parts, and recycle the rest. 

Cash for Cars - Honolulu

Address: 91-542 Awakumoku Street, Kapolei, HI
Phone number: (808)818-2817
BBB rating: N/A
Cash for Cars - Honolulu
buys cars as well as old RVs, motorcycles, boats, and other junk automobiles. If it used to run and you need it hauled off, you can call them for an appraisal and offer. They advertise they’ll take any car in any condition. 

How to find affordable car insurance in Honolulu

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