Ford F-150 Lease

The average cost of leasing a Ford F-150 is about $1,000 a month.
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The cost to lease a Ford F-150 is around $1,000 a month, but the price will ultimately depend on your negotiated price, credit score, down payment, and trim level. 
Leasing a car is a great option if you don’t feel ready to jump into a
car loan
—or if you don’t have the money up front to support car loan payments. As far as trucks go, the Ford F-150 has been a staple for decades due to its impressive strength and dependable make. 
We’re talking about a truck that can take you from your construction job to summers at the lake to shuttling up to six people in the roomy cab. For both comfort and practicality, you won’t be missing out on anything when you go with the Ford F-150. 
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How to lease a Ford F-150

  • Check your credit score. Your credit score plays a huge role in the lease cost—and those with low scores sometimes can’t lease at all. In general, you will need a credit score of over 650 to be approved for a lease. You might be able to secure a lease with a lower credit score, but you’ll be facing much higher monthly payments. 
  • Decide on a budget. You should never commit to a lease beyond what you can reasonably afford, so take the time to look at your finances and decide what you can dish out each month towards a car lease. Experts recommend paying no more than 15% of your monthly income in the cost of a car lease—and less is better! Having a budget can help you stick your ground in the leasing office and negotiate a lower leasing price. 
  • Figure out how much you can pay up front. When you lease a car, you typically pay a
    down payment
    . The amount of your down payment also helps determine the monthly cost of your lease. Figure out how much liquid money you have to put as a down payment for your F-150. A larger down payment means a lower monthly price. 
  • Determine your annual mileage. Most car leases have annual mileage limits to limit the wear and tear you put on a leased car. Calculate your annual mileage to ensure you can keep your mileage within your lease limits. Something like a cross-country road trip could put you over your mileage limit and leave you with unexpected charges. 
Once your finances are in check, head to your nearest Ford dealership to
compare lease offers
. Come in with a clear budget so that you don’t commit to an F-150 that you won’t be able to afford later on. 

The final step: shop for insurance

Once you lease a Ford F-150, you will need to purchase car insurance coverage. Your dealer will likely require you to purchase what's called a "
" policy in addition to the insurance minimums your state reqiures.
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How much does it cost to lease a Ford F-150? 

The cost to lease a Ford F-150 is around $1,000 a month for a 36-month lease. But there are various factors at play when determining the cost to lease a Ford-F150. 
The first is trim level. Choosing a lower
trim level
for the F-150—such as Lariat—will cost you significantly less than leasing a higher trim like Limited or XL. Here’s a look at the average cost to lease the various trim levels of the Ford F-150. To keep it simple, assume 10,500 miles annually for these leases.
Trim level
Monthly payment
Amount due at signing
King Ranch
Another factor at play in the cost to lease a Ford F-150 is your credit score. Credit score has a huge impact on the cost of leasing a car. Dealerships charge more for low credit scores because there is greater risk involved. 
That’s why you are in better shape to lease a car when you have a higher credit score—particularly a score above 650. 

Services included in a Ford F-150 lease

When you lease a Ford F-150, you will have
Ford Care
, which covers normal wear and tear on your F-150. However, excess wear and tear on your F-150 can result in extra charges. Here’s a look at what is considered excess wear and use by Ford Care:
  • Any glass damages—including small chips and cracks
  • Cracked or broken lights
  • Scratches greater than 6 inches
  • Broken or missing parts
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What to do when your Ford F-150 lease is up

Once your lease is up, you’ll be looking at a few options:

How to return a leased Ford F-150

Follow Ford’s detailed return checklist to make sure you are following the stipulations of your lease when you go to return your F-150. 
First, examine the wear and tear on the F-150. If you have any damages that fall into Ford’s qualifications as excess wear and use, you’ll need to schedule repairs. Otherwise, you could be facing extra charges when you return your F-150 to the dealership. You can schedule repairs through your Ford Dealer to ensure OEM parts are used. Make sure to keep a receipt of all repairs made to bring with you when you return your car. 
Once you are ready to return the F-150, schedule a return appointment. In short, you should return your car with everything it came with—all keys, tools/parts, spare tire(s), etc. Double-check the return checklist to make sure you have everything you need. 
When you return your Ford F-150, the dealership will read your odometer, and you will sign an odometer statement. You will be held responsible (and have to pay for) any miles that exceed the limit stipulated on your Red Carpet Lease Agreement.
You will also need to pay a Disposition Fee if applicable—it will be stated in your Lease Agreement. If you decide to buy or lease a new Ford or Lincoln, you could be eligible to have your Disposition Fee waived. 

How to purchase a leased Ford F-150

One option you have at the end of your lease is to buy out the Ford F-150 you’ve been driving. When you buy out a leased car, you pay for the depreciated value—and you can save yourself a good deal of money (compared to buying a brand new car). 
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How to find the best car insurance for a Ford F-150 lease 

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