Scariest Roads in America

From New England forests to Southwestern deserts—either steer clear or gear up for adventure if you plan to hit these frightful roads on your summer road trip. Here are the scariest roads in America.
Written by Bonnie Stinson
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Usually, the highway is just a means to an end — but get ready for a (chilling) change because the road is about to become the destination! Prepare yourself to encounter some of the scariest roads in America.
Either steer clear or gear up for adventure and incorporate these frightful roads into your scary road trip.
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What qualifies as a "scary road"?

Even if you are not easily unnerved, it’s easy to get startled while driving through unfamiliar territory — especially if that territory is rumored to have mysterious activity, a history of crime, or treacherous driving conditions. However, the roads on this list have special qualifications that make them extra scary.
Some of the following roads are associated with paranormal activity and other legendary hauntings. Others boast a history of crime and gruesome accidents. A few are simply dangerous and require careful attention to make it through safely.
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Prospector’s Road in Georgetown, California

Legend has it that the ghost of a murder victim haunts Prospector’s Road in California. But it’s not just any murder victim.
In the days of the Gold Rush, competition was fierce. Gold miners were quick to follow gossip and even quicker to fly into a temper. It is said that fellow diggers would kill off competitors who boasted about hitting gold.
For the brave souls who choose to explore Prospector’s Road, beware the ghost who is said to appear out of the bushes with no warning. The ghost reportedly whispers a chilling phrase, harkening back to the mid-1800 when gold was god and California was still the Wild West: "Get off my claim."

Route 2A in Haynesville, Maine

This road takes you through the backwoods of
—and any horror fan worth their salt knows that nothing good ever happens in the woods.
The dangers of Route 2A are twofold. Firstly, the road itself is actually quite dangerous to navigate in the winter due to snow and ice. As a result, many accidents — and unfortunately, fatalities — have occurred in Haynesville over the years.
But you may also encounter supernatural apparitions, as the spirits of the dead supposedly linger in the area. Some residents have reported a solitary ghost child walking beside the road. Others have seen a young woman who raps on car windows begging for help before vanishing into thin air.
One thing is certain: do not give a lift to any hitchhikers while passing through the Haynesville Woods.
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Clinton Road in West Milford, New Jersey

Question: What’s scarier than a ghost?
Answer: Ghost children, hands down.
While driving on Clinton Road,
New Jersey
, some witnesses have seen the ghostly Clinton road pickup truck appearing out of nowhere.
But one of the most well-known stories is that of a little boy who drowned beneath a bridge. It is said that visitors can summon his ghost by tossing a coin into the water — and the boy’s spirit will toss it back.

Archer Avenue and Resurrection Cemetery in Chicago, Illinois

If you’re looking for a spooky adventure in the Midwest, head to Archer Avenue in
. The road is a beautiful drive with lakes, forests... and graveyards.
For peak immersion in the otherworldly, drive the stretch between Resurrection Cemetery and the St. James-Sag Church.
Many have reported paranormal monks creeping around the St. James-Sag, as well as a pack of ghostly horse riders who traverse the intersection of Kean and 95th. But the scariest part of Archer Avenue is Resurrection Mary. She is the most famous apparition in the area, and she has been consistently haunting drivers since the 1930s.
Resurrection Mary’s backstory is gruesome and sorrowful.
After a confrontation with her boyfriend one night, teenaged Mary fled the local ballroom to be struck down by a car just a mile down the road. The hit-and-run criminal was never found, and Mary’s parents had to bury her in the same dress she wore to the dance.
Today, Mary’s spirit is said to flag down motorists to hitch a ride. Those who have picked her up say that she does not speak and disappears once the car passes the cemetery.

Satan’s Tunnel in Hawk Point, Missouri

Dark spirits are said to lurk in Satan’s Tunnel in
—but don’t be too eager to catch a glimpse.
Many drivers have camped out in an attempt to spot the haunted man in the foliage-cloaked underpass. When ghost hunters try to leave, their engines splutter and his ghostly apparition appears in the rear-view mirror.
Old tunnels are famously dangerous for drivers, not only because they are poorly lit but also because they are tight spaces that do not easily accommodate two vehicles. Be mindful of your surroundings if you visit Hawk Point.
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Washington Street in Boston, Massachusetts

is the site of countless haunted buildings and historic ghouls.
Washington Street is a particular hotspot for the ghost of Margaret Jones, a midwife who was hanged for witchcraft in the 1600s.
The woman’s spirit wanders the Boston Neck, the site of the gallows where she became the first person to be executed for witchcraft in the
colony. This cruel fate befell many women in New England during this time period, and it is said that their ghosts meander in perpetual purgatory.

Jungle Habitat in West Milford, New Jersey

Have you ever wanted to go on a haunted safari?
A safari-themed amusement park named Jungle Habitat used to be located in the West
area but permanently closed in the 1970s. The owners fled the scene, leaving behind an unsupervised menagerie of dangerous jungle beasts in the middle of New Jersey.
In the 1980s, Jungle Habitat became a destination for drunk locals who hunted down and killed the wild animals. But not all the animals were accounted for, since both the state and the park’s original owners refused to take responsibility.
You can drive by the park yourself and see the overgrown jungle. Just keep your arms in the vehicle at all times, as locals have reported sightings of monkeys and kangaroos.

Abercorn Street in Savannah, Georgia

Do you ever wonder why supernatural creatures are drawn to specific locations, as if by a paranormal GPS? That’s what
residents think about Abercorn Street.
Violence, war, and disease have claimed many Georgians over the years, but there is one particular home that plays host to the most controversial supernatural legend: 428 Abercorn. The building is not open to the public, but even from the outside people have reported malfunctioning electronic devices, orbs in photographs, and the laughter of unseen children.
This state is chock full of phantasmic stories, and most locals are happy to talk about ghosts. Don’t be afraid to ask folks for tips for haunted destinations if you decide to road trip through

Jenny Jump State Forest and Shades of Death Road in Warren County, New Jersey

On this seven-mile stretch of road, pretty much every single grotesque crime you can imagine has occurred here. Warning—don’t read on unless you want nightmares.
The first reason that Jenny Jump is on the list of scariest roads in America is a history of crime. A band of misfits is said to have taken over the woods in olden times. These criminals would murder anyone who crossed through their territory, often murdering unsuspecting travelers on the low branches of the trees.
In the 1920s and 1930s, the area hosted several spine-chilling murders. A woman beheaded her husband and buried his head and body on opposite sides of the road. Another man was shot and buried in a tangle of mud and branches. A poor man had his skull crushed by a tire iron because of a few gold coins.
A final reason is a miserable malaria outbreak that swept through the region, perhaps inspiring the name "Shades of Death Road" and the nearby "Ghost Lake."
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Highway 666 or "The Devil’s Highway" (now U.S. Route 491)

This highway has been renamed, likely because of the devilish connotations of its original name.
But in addition to the symbolism, the original Highway 666 is the source of many terrifying urban legends. The road, which passes through
New Mexico
, and
, is rural and isolated in many places—the perfect site for malevolent spirits.
One scream-inducing myth is the "hounds of hell" that supposedly shred the tires of cars speeding on Highway 666. Legend also tells of a haunted red semi driven by an evil soul looking to wreak havoc.
Of course, on top of ghostly activity, there are also plenty of unremarkable (but still scary) influences at play on this stretch of highway. The state of New Mexico has a notoriously high fatality rate. Drunk driving and animal crossings are common, too.
Whether or not you believe in ghosts, drive cautiously on the Devil’s Highway.

Staying safe in the face of danger

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